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Google Account users can now access a new level of security with passkeys, recently released globally by Google. With this feature in place, account holders can take peace of mind knowing their information is even more secure and protected against potential threats.

What is passkey?

Passkeys use cryptographic key pairs so you can sign in with a single biometric or PIN – like what is used on phone unlocking – instead of having different login credentials at every site and app. It makes it virtually impossible for cybercriminals to access your accounts, as this technology synchronizes authentication across all of your devices in the cloud. Your data remains more secure than ever before!

How do passkeys work?

When creating the passkey, the authenticator geneated public and private keys and exchanged the key directly with the service provider or website

The private key will stay secret on your device only. When you try to log in, the server sends an encrypted message to the authenticator. The private key decrypts the message and sends the response back.

If the response message is verified, you will be signed in.

Who supports passwordless so far?


How to enable passwordless with Microsoft Account?

Once the password is removed from your account, the passwordless methods will appear.

How to enable passkey with Google Account?

First of all, you have to create a passkey for your account. Then it automatically becomes one of the ways to sign in.
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