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Finding the right cell phone plan can be a daunting task. With so many plans and providers, knowing which is best for you is hard. Virgin Plus might be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a reliable provider with great customer service. Virgin Plus, officially known as Virgin Mobile Canada, is a telecommunications company operating in Canada. It was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Bell Canada and is part of the Virgin Mobile brand globally. Virgin Plus focuses on providing mobile phone services to Canadian consumers, including voice, text, and data plans. Leveraging the Virgin brand’s reputation for innovation and customer-centric services, Virgin Plus has positioned itself as a dynamic player in the Canadian telecom market.Please keep reading to learn more about their cell phone plans and what makes them stand out from the competition.
Virgin Plus Summary
Cheapest Virgin Plus BYOP Plan
0.25 GB, 100 mins, Unlimited msgs
Cheapest Postpaid Virgin Plus Plan
0.25 GB, 100 mins, Unlimited msgs
Cheapest Prepaid Virgin Plus Plan
0.25 GB, 100 mins, Unlimited msgs
Cheapest Virgin Plus 5G Plan
75 GB, Unlimited Talk & msgs
Cheapest Unlimited Virgin Plus Plan
0.5 GB, Unlimited Talk & msgs

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What We Like

Virgin Plus has a customer-friendly approach, competitive pricing, and innovative services. The company often prioritizes customer satisfaction, offers flexible plans and rewards programs, and provides unique features such as data rollover and unlimited music streaming. It is an attractive choice for consumers seeking value and convenience in mobile and internet services.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable Plans
  • No Lock-in Contracts
  • Wide Selection of Phones
  • Parent (Bell) Company Support
  • Member-exclusive benefits and rewards programs
  • Unlimited Data Plans
  • Decent customer service and support through various channels
  • Limited Plan Customization
  • Data Throttling
  • Limited Retail Presence
  • Limited International Roaming Options

Virgin Plus's Plans & Benefits

Virgin Plus offers various plans with competitive prices and tons of great benefits. Their plans all come with unlimited talk, text, and data and access to their nationwide 4G LTE network. Their plans include free international calling in over 75 countries, including Mexico and Canada. You'll also get access to their 5G network in your area.

In addition to their standard plans, Virgin Plus offers special promotions such as discounts on select phones when you sign up for a new plan or switch carriers. They also offer discounts on international roaming if you travel abroad often. On top of all that, they have an industry-leading customer service team that is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about your cell phone plan.

Why Choose Virgin Plus?

When choosing a cell phone provider, it's important to find one that offers reliable services at competitive prices - but it's equally important to finding one that provides excellent customer service and support. That's where Virgin Plus stands out from the competition; their customer service team is available around the clock and always ready to help customers with any issues they may have quickly and effectively. On top of all this, the company has been rated highly by customers for its reasonable prices and outstanding customer support - making it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable cell phone provider with excellent customer service.


Virgin Plus is definitely worth considering for an affordable yet reliable cell phone plan with excellent customer service! With their wide selection of plans and benefits, they're sure to have something that fits your needs perfectly - plus, their awesome customer service team is always there when you need them most! So if you're looking for a provider who will go above and beyond to take care of your needs - look no further than Virgin Plus!

Virgin Plus Cell Phone Plans

Virgin Plus Provides 30 Cell Phone Plans

The average cost per month for Cell Phone Service is $41.80.

Virgin Plus offers 10 Monthly Billed Plans and 20 Prepaid Plans

Cheapest Monthly Billed Sim Only Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Virgin Plus at $19 per month

Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Virgin Plus at $15 per month


  • What cell phone plans does Virgin Plus offer in Canada?

    Virgin Plus offers a variety of cell phone plans, including unlimited data plans, family plans, and prepaid options. Visit their official website for the most current plans and pricing.

  • How much do Virgin Plus cell phone plans cost?

    Virgin Plus cell phone plan prices vary based on the features and data included. Monthly costs typically range from $25 to $85. Visit the Virgin Plus website or contact customer service for specific pricing.

  • Does Virgin Plus offer unlimited data plans?

    Yes, Virgin Plus offers unlimited data plans with varying speeds after reaching a certain data threshold. These plans are ideal for heavy data users.

  • Can I get a family plan with Virgin Plus?

    Virgin Plus offers family plans that allow multiple lines to share data and receive discounted rates. Family plans are customizable to meet your needs.

  • Are there student discounts available on Virgin Plus cell phone plans?

    Virgin Plus often provides student discounts on their cell phone plans. Students should check the Virgin Plus website or visit a store to inquire about current promotions and eligibility.

  • What is the coverage area for Virgin Plus in Canada?

    Virgin Plus operates on the Bell network, providing extensive coverage across Canada, including urban and rural areas. You can view their coverage map on the Virgin Plus website.

  • How do I switch to Virgin Plus from another carrier?

    Switching to Virgin Plus is straightforward. You can keep your existing phone number by porting it over. Visit a Virgin Plus store or their website for detailed instructions on switching.

  • Does Virgin Plus offer international roaming?

    Yes, Virgin Plus offers international roaming options. With their Roam Sweet Roam feature, you can use your phone in several countries for a daily fee. Check their website for specific details and rates.

  • Are there any promotions or deals on Virgin Plus cell phone plans?

    Virgin Plus frequently runs promotions and deals on their cell phone plans, including discounted rates and bonus data. Check their website regularly for the latest offers.

  • How can I contact Virgin Plus customer service for support with my cell phone plan?

    You can reach Virgin Plus customer service via their toll-free number, live chat on their website, or by visiting a Virgin Plus store. Customer service is available to assist with any inquiries or issues.

  • Can I bring my own device to Virgin Plus?

    Yes, Virgin Plus allows you to bring your own device (BYOD) and receive a discount on your monthly plan. Ensure your device is compatible with Virgin Plus's network.

  • Does Virgin Plus offer 5G coverage?

    Virgin Plus has rolled out 5G coverage in many urban areas across Canada. Check the Virgin Plus website for a detailed 5G coverage map and availability in your area.

  • What prepaid options are available with Virgin Plus?

    Virgin Plus offers several prepaid plans with different data and talk/text options. These plans provide flexibility without a long-term commitment.

  • How do I pay my Virgin Plus cell phone bill?

    You can pay your Virgin Plus cell phone bill online through their website, via the My Account app, by phone, or in person at a Virgin Plus store.

  • Can I add extra data to my Virgin Plus plan if I need it?

    Yes, Virgin Plus allows you to add extra data to your plan if you need more than what is included in your monthly allowance. You can do this through the My Account app or by contacting customer service.

  • What happens if I exceed my data limit on a Virgin Plus plan?

    If you exceed your data limit on a Virgin Plus plan, you may incur additional charges or experience reduced speeds, depending on your plan. Check your plan details for specific terms.

  • Does Virgin Plus offer any special plans for seniors?

    Virgin Plus does not specifically offer senior plans, but they have affordable options that may suit seniors' needs. Check their website for available plans.

  • How can I upgrade my Virgin Plus cell phone?

    You can upgrade your Virgin Plus cell phone by visiting a Virgin Plus store, their website, or contacting customer service. They often have deals on the latest devices.

  • Does Virgin Plus have a mobile app for managing my account?

    Yes, Virgin Plus offers the My Account app, which allows you to manage your account, pay bills, monitor usage, and more.

  • What should I do if I have issues with my Virgin Plus cell phone service?

    If you encounter issues with your Virgin Plus cell phone service, contact Virgin Plus customer service for assistance. They offer troubleshooting support and can help resolve any problems you may experience.

Customer Reviews


Could not get wifi


Always happy with service , but when bell bought out shaw I could not get wifi in restaurants and other places that were previously supported by shaw

February 20, 2024

Adequate for service


Adequate for service. Never provided A notice of contract expiry. Much too spammy with emails and text notifications.

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