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VOIP Much is a Canadian VoIP provider with terrific customer service and excellent online reviews. But even by the high standard of customer care in the Canadian vicinity, VOIP Much is making a name for itself.

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For people looking for the lowest-cost solution, VOIP Much is ideal. Just because it is low-cost, does not mean that it provides a lesser-quality service. All of the core functionality is provided, the call quality is excellent, and the customer service team and onboarding process are flawless.

Small and medium-sized businesses could make great use of VOIP Much if they are looking to reduce their costs without compromising on the quality of their phone communications. For larger enterprises, certain integrations and customized solutions might be found lacking.

Corporations or call centers that take and make lots of calls to various destinations might not find this the best fit.

Home Phone Service - CAD $9.45 /month

VoIP Much provides a straightforward home phone service with a single plan, eliminating the complexity of choosing between multiple options. Despite its affordability, the plan includes complimentary calls to Canada and the USA, as well as the flexibility to select a local phone number from Canada, the US, or over 50 other countries. Additionally, customers benefit from over 30 free phone features such as online voicemail, voicemail-to-email, call waiting, and more.

30 Complimentary Phone Features

Keep Your Existing Number, Voicemail Enhanced, Voicemail Anywhere | VoIP Much Access, Voicemail Online, Voicemail to Email, Voicemail Notification, Free Canada Calling, Free USA Calling, Incoming Caller ID (with name), Outgoing Caller ID (with name), Outbound Caller ID Block, Call Waiting Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Conference Calling, Call Forward Busy, Call Forward No Answer, Call Forward All (unconditional), Call Hold, Call Screen, Call Blacklist, Anonymous Call Rejection, Do Not Disturb, Outgoing International LD Block – Regular, Outgoing International LD Block – Security (high risk/rate), VoIP Fail™, Speed Dial, Follow Me, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), In-Network Calling, 6-1-1 (VoIP Much Customer Care), X-1-1 (Informational Services), 9-1-1 (Enhanced 911), User Webportal, Knowledge Base

Paid Features

Great International Rates

If your call falls outside the scope of our local or long-distance calling plans, you can still benefit from cost savings through our competitive international rates. Explore our international rates at VoiPmuch Website

Clone Device

At just CAD $1.45 per month, you have the option to include a Clone Device compatible with a mobile or PC softphone. A Clone Device, such as a mobile softphone, replicates the functionalities of your primary device (e.g., VoIP adapter at home), enabling you to make and receive calls in a manner similar to your primary device.

Virtual City Numbers

A Virtual City Number is a telephone number located in a city of your choosing, seamlessly connecting to your VoIP Much line without incurring long-distance charges for both you and the caller.

For North American (Canada/US) Virtual City Numbers, the cost is only CAD $2.45 per month per number.
Most United Kingdom (UK) Virtual City Numbers are also available at the rate of CAD $2.45 per month per number.
International Virtual City Numbers (outside of Canada/US) come with varying prices, typically ranging between CAD $2.45 and $8.11 per month per number.

Toll-Free Numbers

Enhance any home or business phone line with a toll-free number for just CAD $1 per month.

Enjoy toll-free calls at the rate of only CAD $0.03 (3 cents) per minute. Explore the availability of international toll-free numbers by reaching out to us; contact us for details.

Add A Line

Include as many extra phone lines as needed for your home or business accounts. Each additional line incurs charges at the standard home or business rate.

4-1-1 (Directory Assistance)

Directory Assistance is available at a charge of $1.25 per call.
For complimentary online directory assistance, we welcome you to visit www.411.ca.


  • A high-speed Internet connection (Cable, DSL, Fiber)
  • A regular or cordless telephone, PC or mobile softphone, IP / VoIP phone.
  • An physical address in Canada or the US (no PO boxes)
  • A North American issued credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or Visa / MasterCard Debit card
  • An ATA (VoIP / SIP Adaptor) or softphone (bring your own device or purchase an unlocked device from VoIP Much)

VoIP Much Highlights

  • Simply connect an ATA (VoIP phone / analog terminal adapter) between your telephone and the internet. And you are ready.
  • VoIP Much Phone Company offers some of the lowest prices around for Internet phone service. Save today.
  • VoIP Much provides a true unlimited local calling area that includes over 520 Canadian cities.

Equipment Needed

  • A physical address in the US or Canada, PO boxes not accepted
  • Credit card issued by any North American company including American Express, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard
  • Debit card issued by any North American company including Mastercard or Visa
  • Softphone with the option of using your own device or purchasing an unlocked handset from VoIP Much
  • PC or mobile softphone, IP/VoIP phone, regular or cordless handset
  • High-speed internet connection such as Fiber, DSL, or Cable

To get started, you’ll set up an Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) or VoIP phone connecting your telephone and internet.

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