Best Diallog Telecommunications Internet Plans

Enjoy affordable high-speed Internet plans with Diallog Telecommunications. Based in Toronto, Diallog has been providing a full suite of telecom services to Canadian residences and business customers across Canada for over 20 years. Whether you’re gaming, surfing, streaming or socializing, we’ve got an unlimited internet plan to suit your needs. Now, our home plans include use of a supplied modem. No need to rent or purchase–and enjoy a lower monthly rate. Our plans are fast enough to support multiple devices in your home. Surf from 5/1 Mbps to 150/15 Mbps.

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The Cheapest Diallog Telecommunications Internet Plans

13 Results Updated: 2024-01-12
Diallog Basic DSL 6 Mbps
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6/1 (DSL)Unlimited$30.00
  • 50% Off Installation
  • Free Wifi/Router Available
Diallog Cable Basic 15/2 Mbps
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15/2 (Cable)Unlimited$35.00
  • 50% Off Installation
  • Free Wifi/Router Available
Diallog Starter DSL 15/10 Mbps
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0 Reviews
15/10 (DSL)Unlimited$40.00
  • Free Wifi/Router Available
Diallog Starter DSL 15/1 Mbps
Rated 0.0 out of 5
0 Reviews
15/1 (DSL)Unlimited$40.00
  • FREE Installation
  • Free Wifi/Router Available
Diallog Plus DSL 25/10 Mbps
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25/10 (DSL)Unlimited$42.50
  • Free Wifi/Router Available

The Fastest Diallog Telecommunications Internet Plans

13 Results Updated: 2024-01-12
Diallog Gigabit 1000/50 Mbps
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1000/50 (Cable)Unlimited$90.00
  • 50% Off Installation
  • Free Wifi/Router Available
Diallog Extreme 500/30 Mbps
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500/30 (Cable)Unlimited$80.00
  • 50% Off Installation
  • Free Wifi/Router Available
Diallog Cable Extreme 360/30 Mbps
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0 Reviews
360/30 (Cable)Unlimited$90.00
  • 50% Off Installation
  • Free Wifi/Router Available
Diallog Cable Ultimate 120/10 Mbps
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0 Reviews
120/10 (Cable)Unlimited$70.00
  • 50% Off Installation
  • Free Wifi/Router Available
Diallog Plus 100/30 Mbps
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100/30 (Cable)Unlimited$55.00
  • 50% Off Installation
  • Free Wifi/Router Available

What We Like

Diallog, formerly known as Eurotel, has undergone a remarkable transformation since its inception in 1998. What started as a long-distance service provider to Toronto communities has now evolved into a full-service telecommunications company serving residential and business customers across Canada.

The name “Diallog” perfectly embodies their commitment to communication and connecting people through technology. They prioritize listening to their customers and understanding their unique needs, which drives their mission to continually improve as a telecommunications company.

One of the standout qualities of Diallog is their premium partnership with Canada’s Tier 1 providers such as Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Allstream. By leveraging the world-class networks of these industry leaders, Diallog combines their infrastructure with their own best-in-class billing technology and customer service solutions. This strategic collaboration allows Diallog to deliver an exceptional telecom experience to their customers.

Pros & Cons

  1. Excellent Call Quality
  2. Strong Customer Service
  3. Innovative Solutions
  4. Competitive Pricing
  1. Limited Coverage Area
  2. Limited Service Offerings
  3. Relatively Small Market Presence
Long before Diallog was formed, telecommunications companies are known to use excessive control in the marketplace of Canada. The price of their services was extremely high, and their customer services were frustrating to consumers. Chris Argiropulos from Toronto, a businessman witnessed this chaos, and he was inspired to implement a different approach fascinated by what he saw in the telecom industry. He made things better by creating a platform were customers can receive their desired coverage. The plans will be available at very affordable prices and also given respect in synchrony to their orders. He changed things and added more competition to the industry. It was with this approach that in 1998 he launched Eurotel (a private telecommunications company built to provide a refined and better customer experience). European communities that include Italy and Greek were the primary target, but the company grew steadily and entered the market. Eurotel later developed into Diallog. Diallog Telecommunications supplies a large batch of telecommunications products. These products cater to the needs of all corporations. The products focus on the core values of our customers. They include Toll-Free/Long Distance, MPLS, Fibre Internet, Business Lines, E100, SIP Trunking, T1, and lots more. Diallog has recently grown to be valuable to lots of customers all across Canada, with a team determined to fulfill the company's vision of "simply supplying general better telecommunications experience, better prices, and better customer service." Diallog is also a premium partner to all providers of Canada's Tier 1, which include Rogers, Alliant, Allstream, Telus, and Bell. This company has the most extensive network coverage reliability and the highest availability. Our billing is straightforward, easy to understand, and very simple. We also have a dedicated team of customer service that puts your unique business needs as a priority and makes it very easy for you to access. For the best experience, we recommend that customers make use of Diallog modems. Diallog Modems are very powerful, durable, and sustainable. We offer "SmartRG 516ac" which has a double band Wi-Fi capacity, and it's currently one of the best modems in the market.   Our modems are configured uniquely to run on Diallog network and will also allow our technical team to repair connections when needed automatically. The price is pocket-friendly and affordable, you can purchase this modem for $130.00, or you can be a participant of our credit program and pay $12.40 monthly for a period of 12months.


Since the inception of Diallog Telecommunications in 1998, the company keeps expanding and is now serving up to 10,000 customers in Canada. Diallog internet services are available in Ontario and Quebec, Montreal and its surrounding areas, Barrie area, Brantford, Guelph, Greater Toronto, Ottawa region, Niagara Falls/St. Catherine, Kitchener/Waterloo, etc. The company keeps expanding, and more areas will soon be covered due to our integrity in offering cheap and reliable services. If you need high-speed reliable internet connectivity for your home, you might benefit by taking a look at what Diallog Telecommunications has to offer. This Canada-based telecommunications company aims to provide business-grade internet service to its residential customers. All the internet plans offered by Diallog are unlimited, and you get different download and upload speeds from which to choose. If you require a VoIP home phone, you may get one as an add-on.
Diallog is a reliable DSL internet provider operating out of fixed locations, but with plans to expand to additional provinces in Canada. The company offers very economical plans starting at $25 with a $10 or $15 dry loop fee with no fixed contract and is suitable for a small family with basic internet usage.
Internet services provided by Diallog are rated well across different platforms, and most customers have largely positive things to say about the company. Upon signing up with the company, a single contact is responsible for handling all your business transactions. An automated customer service system is in place to enhance overall productivity. Diallog backs all its services through guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs) and you may look forward to receiving round-the-clock technical support. You don’t have to worry about paying any access fees or hidden charges.

Simplified Billing for Businesses

The company’s simplified billing system can work well for businesses that get separate bills for internet, phone, data, and wireless services. A single bill would require less time to go through, and cost analysis would also become simpler. Diallog continually analyzes your expenses, and cuts out any telecom waste that it detects, helping you better manage your resources and reduce costs.

No Contracts

Residential customers don’t have to sign up for any contracts. They get the option to choose from different speed-based unlimited pay-as-you-go internet plans. What you pay for in advance is what you get.

No Short-Term Prices

The highly competitively priced internet plans offered by Diallog are not temporary. Once you sign-up for an internet plan through this company, the monthly price you pay will remain the same for as long as your service remains active.

Modem Options

Diallog’s residential customers get three modem alternatives from which to choose. These include:

  • Use your own. The company lets you use and configure your own DSL-compatible modem.
  • The company provides the SmartRG 516ac modem with dual band Wi-Fi capabilities for a one-time payment of $130, leading to a saving of $40 on installation.
  • Lease to own. You may choose to get the SmartRG 516ac modem by paying $12.50 per month for 12 months. This also leads to a saving of $40 on installation.

Usage Limit

According to the Diallog, it offers truly unlimited internet plans. The company does not impose any usage caps on the amount of data its customers may download every month. However, a fair usage policy applies.

How Long Does it Take to Get a New Connection?

Once you place your order, getting a new connection may take up to five business days. The company provides morning, afternoon, and evening installing time slots on weekdays; and morning and afternoon slots on Saturdays.

No Need for Active Phone Line

New Diallog customers do not need active phone lines to install the company’s services. It installs a new dry loop line, for which you pay no extra fee.

 VoIP Home Phone

Diallog provides two basic plans – Canada calling and Canada & U.S. calling. Mobile app/softphone compatibility simplifies using the service on the move. Other features on offer include:

  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Call display
  • Voicemail to email
  • Three-way calling

 While Diallog provides reliable and cost-effective internet services in Canada, it might be worth your while to take a look at offers provided by the company’s leading competitors.

Locations Served by Diallog

Diallog Internet serves customers in only specific locations like British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario. Users in other cities and towns may have to look for alternatives. The service is not available in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and the Territories. Diallog has a choice of four different plans to choose from. However, since this provider has a maximum speed of 50Mbps, it is typically suitable for a small family with up to 4 members. Here are some of the plan options you can look at:
  • Basic 6Mbps Plan – This plan is suitable for up to 2 users and costs $25 per month with an overhead cost of $10 to $15 for the dry loop facility. If you’re looking for just essential internet facilities, this plan is ideal for you.
  • Starter 6Mbps Plan – This plan is also suitable for a small family with up to two members and costs $35 per month. The low to moderate internet speed works for urban and rural areas.
  • Plus 25Mbps Plan – This plan is designed for a small family with up to two members and costs $40 per month. Professionals working from home and users needing fast streaming can go for this plan.
  • Ultimate 50Mbps Plan – This plan has the maximum internet speeds offered by Diallog and costs $45 per month. Small to medium-sized families with up to 4 members needing only basic internet connectivity and streaming will find that this package is sufficient for them.

Incentives and Discounts

Diallog has affordable, low-cost structures for its internet services and does not have any other welcome discounts or promotional offers. The only deals they offer is the option of bundling your VoIP home phone service with the internet connection.

Sign-Up Process at Diallog

Getting Diallog is quick and convenient and you can sign up by logging on to their website. Here’s how:
  1. Visit the Diallog website by clicking on this link:
  2. Choose the Residential or Business option according to your needs.
  3. You will be directed to the form where you can submit details such as your complete name, phone number, email address, city, and province.
  4. You will be asked to select the internet plan available in your area.
  5. The company has different installation time slots and you can pick the time that is most suitable for you.
  6. Once you submit the basic information, the website will guide you through the rest of the sign-up procedure with the appropriate prompts.
  7. If you have any additional questions, the company has a phone number you can call and speak to a live agent.

Pros of Getting Diallog Internet

  • Signing up for getting Diallog is very convenient and can be easily done by visiting the company website.
  • You won’t have to purchase the modem separately since the cost is included in the set-up fee.
  • Eliminate the possibility of incurring overage charges since the internet usage is unlimited.
  • You’ll get a monthly payment option without a contract. This option allows you to cancel the subscription at any time without worrying about cancellation charges.
  • Diallog offers great customer support service. You can get in touch at any time for assistance.
  • If you get both, the digital home phone service and VoIP service, the company offers you a discounted deal.

Downsides of Getting Diallog Internet

  • Diallog is only available in specific locations, as of now. You could consider porting to the service in the future as the company expands.
  • You’ll pay a one-time installation fee of $50 to get the DSL line set up at your home.
  • Larger families needing internet for multiple devices, online gaming, or HD streaming may find that the maximum speeds of 50Mbps are inadequate and too slow.
  • Diallog does not offer additional features like wall-to-wall internet coverage or internet security packages.

About Diallog Telecommunications

Founded in 1998, Diallog Telecommunications provides a wide range of residential and business telecommunications services across Canada. It has partnered with some of the country’s leading Tier 1 service providers such as Rogers, Bell, Allstream, and Telus, ensuring that its services are made available across the country. According to the company, its network coverage exceeds that of any other company in Canada. By partnering with various Tier 1 providers, Diallog has successfully leveraged its world-class networks. This, when combined with the company’s efficient systems of billing and customer service, help it deliver consistent telecom experiences to its customers. The company has around 10,000 customers across Canada. The services it offers include, but not no limit to, fibre internet, T1, E100, MPLS, toll-free & long-distance calling, business lines, and SIP trunking. Diallog is a DSL business internet provider that has only recently entered into the residential arena. You can expect speeds ranging between 6Mbps and 50Mbps at costs starting at $25 per month. Users must also pay an additional $10 to $15 per month for the dry loop facility. The dry loop is an internet connection provided over phone lines, but without the facility to make voice calls. Other than the installation and setting up fee, you won’t incur any other costs. And you’ll pay according to a monthly billing cycle. Here’s some more information you might find useful. Small and medium-sized families will find that Diallog is suitable for their needs. The company offers plans with unlimited data at reasonably fast internet speeds. You can also expect round-the-clock customer service and modems at no extra charges. The service does not expect you to enter into a contract, so you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you choose to combine Diallog internet plans with a VoIP phone, the package offers you free digital phone services for a maximum of three months.

Diallog can provide telecom products and services wherever you need them. Due to our partnership with many Tier 1 providers, our network is available all across Canada. We have more extensive network coverage than other telecom companies (both big and small) in Canada. 

Billing can be simplified and customized to avoid complexity. You can pay your bills in multiple branches of your choice or decide to pay a single bill by customizing your services. There are no hidden charges or access fees (this help to reduce the cost for you and saves your money). 

We also help to cut out waste by analyzing each of your expenditures. We will cut out any telecom waste detected, help manage your resources and lower costs. 

More importantly, we are very reliable. We partnered with different Tier 1 carrier, (such as Allstream, Rogers, Telus, Bell, etc.) to produce the best Data services, Internet, and Voice for your business. All our services are also backed up with a guaranteed (SLAs) and 24/7 technical support. We are the best reliable service your business can ever get. 

Diallog Telecommunications is one of the best telecom company in Canada. For cheap, fast, reliable and quality telecom services, consider using Diallog because to get the best service, you have to use the company that offers the best internet plans.

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Diallog Telecommunications Internet

Diallog Telecommunications Provides internet service in 2 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Diallog Telecommunications is $55.19.

Diallog Telecommunications has a total of 13 Internet Plans

Diallog Telecommunications offers the highest speed of 1000 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Diallog Telecommunications is $30.00 

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