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May 12, 2024

Run from this company!! Run very fast!!!!!


Don’t do it! This company is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They offer cheap rates and provide cheaper service! They throttle your internet and when you catch them, they play dumb. When you cancel your account, they ignore you and continue to charge you and send you threatening messages EVERY DAY saying they will report you to the credit bureau! I have been going back and forth with them every day for weeks now! Every time they say “sorry for the confusion” and then proceed to tell me they are going to disconnect me and report me to the credit bureau!! There is no confusion! I already told them I’m not using their service!!! I paid them every month and then said my last payment was my last payment! They igonore you – sort of – but then come back with the same never ending circular conversation. It’s like when George Costanza wouldn’t answer his girlfriend’s calls so she couldn’t break up with him. Save yourself the aggravation and run from this company!!

January 30, 2024



As a person who values honesty and integrity in business, my experience with Telcan has been nothing short of disappointing. Despite initially agreeing upon a specific pricing plan, with a 2-year commitment by Telcan for no price increase, Telcan failed to uphold its commitment, leaving me frustrated and disillusioned.

From the outset, I was drawn to Telcan by promises of reliable service and transparent pricing. However, my satisfaction was short-lived when I received an email part way through the agreed-upon terms. In summary, Telcan decided to forgo the original agreed to price, imposing a price increase. (See their email below) Despite multiple attempts to seek clarification and resolution, I was met with evasion and indifference from Telcan. (see their response to me below)

The lack of accountability displayed by Telcan is deeply concerning. As customers, we should be able to expect a company to honour its commitments. We should be able to trust that advertised promotions and prices will be honoured. However, the blatant switch and bait tactics of Telcan, and the disregard for their own terms of service leaves me questioning the company’s integrity and reliability.

Also, I recently discovered that Telcan solicits reviews in return for compensation. Such practices should be banned. Anyone looking at Telcan reviews should filter results based on “negative” as it provides a clearer picture regarding this company.

The frustration and inconvenience caused by this pricing discrepancy cannot be overstated. As a consumer, I rely on accurate and transparent billing to manage my expenses. The failure of Telcan to stick to our agreed-upon pricing plan has not only eroded my trust in the company, but also created unnecessary strain as I switch providers.

My experience with Telcan has been profoundly disappointing. I would caution others about committing to service with them. I cannot in good conscience recommend their services.

Below is the communication from Telcan to verify my experience.

“Dear xxxxxxx,

Telcan Account # xxxxx

Telcan is committed to providing high-quality internet services to our clients. To keep up with rising business costs and to continue providing you with the best possible services, your internet plan price will be increasing on Feb 23, 2024.

On the date of your first bill after Feb 23, 2024, the monthly service fee for your Internet package will increase from $xx to $xx (plus taxes). To help accommodate this change, we will end the term price increase”

and their followup to my complaint:

“After careful consideration, our management made the decision to conclude the promotional offer earlier than anticipated. We understand this may not align with your expectations, and we apologize for any frustration it has caused.”

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