Fido Increases Wireless Prices, Joining Virgin Plus and Koodo

Fido increases wireless prices following Virgin Plus and Koodo. New plans feature a $5 hike, reflecting a broader trend among major providers. Customers are now considering the impact on their budgets and plan choices.

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Recently, Public Mobile and Fido indicated July 8th as the end date for certain promotional plans, suggesting new plans were on the horizon.

Following Telus-owned Public Mobile’s decision to reduce data on its $29/month 4G plan while introducing smaller data options, Fido has also revamped its plans. In line with Bell’s Virgin Plus, Fido has raised its prices.

Fido’s Updated Plans

Here are the new Fido plans with autopay discounts applied:

  • $39/20GB (previously $34; a $5 increase)
  • $44/40GB (previously $39; a $5 increase)
  • $49/50GB (previously $44; a $5 increase)
  • $54/60GB (previously $49; a $5 increase)

According to a “limited time offer” on Fido’s website, you can get the 50GB plan for $44/month “for 24 months,” which includes an extra $5/month credit.

Market Trends

Recently, Koodo increased the price of visual voicemail to $8/month. Bell also notified select customers of a $6/month increase in their plans.

First, Virgin Plus raised its wireless prices, followed by Telus-owned Koodo. Now, Rogers-owned Fido has followed suit. The trend of increasing wireless prices continues across major providers.

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