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Which wireless provider is the best for you? Virgin Mobile, Koodo or Fido? Here is a breakdown of each one to help you decide. All three providers have their pros and cons, but one may be a better fit for you than the others. Keep reading to find out more!

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If you are considering Koodo vs. Virgin Plus when you switch your mobile phone plan, it may seem like a confusing choice. However, learning more about each provider might help you make the best choice for your BYO phone plan.

Once you pick the right plan for you, you also want to consider which carrier has the best service in your area. This should be a big factor in your decision.

If you are trying to decide between Virgin Plus and Fido for your BYO phone plan, it may seem like there is a lot of confusing information. However, choosing a plan is simple once we break it down for you. The important thing to remember is you want to choose a plan that has the best cell service in your area.

The Plans

Fido and Virgin Plus have the exact same pricing when it comes to their plans. They also include Canada-wide (CW) anytime minutes, unlimited text, picture and video messages within the country and unlimited nights and weekends.

Fido and Virgin Plus have certain plans that share identical pricing and offer similar features, such as unlimited Canada-wide and international text, picture, and video messages sent from Canada. It’s worth noting that Virgin Plus provides a 5G plan, but Fido’s customers might be disappointed as Fido currently lacks a 5G plan. On the other hand, Fido provides more options for long-term prepaid plans, catering to those seeking additional savings. Additionally, it’s observed that Virgin Mobile offers more data than Fido at the same price for prepaid plans.

Koodo vs. Virgin Plus: the plans

Koodo Mobile and Virgin Plus present comparable plans, with their least expensive prepaid plans having identical prices. However, it’s essential to note that Virgin Mobile operates on a 4G network, while Koodo operates on a 3G network. The majority of their plans include unlimited talk and messaging within Canada, as well as unlimited international SMS.

Both providers offer 5G plans, but Virgin Plus provides a more cost-effective option compared to Koodo Mobile, offering the same high-speed data while also including unlimited low-speed data.

A closer examination of the prepaid plans reveals that Koodo’s plans generally provide more data at the same price compared to Virgin Plus.

Virgin Plus and Koodo’s Larger Plans

Both companies provide a starter plan that includes 250MB of data, catering to basic smartphone users. This plan is not recommended for those intending to stream music or videos; it is advisable to limit updates and downloads to when connected to WiFi.

If your usage involves music streaming and occasional downloads, a 5GB plan, available from Koodo Mobile, would be suitable. However, Virgin Mobile does not currently offer plans with this amount of data.

For users consistently engaged in internet activities, video streaming, and frequent downloads, a minimum of 20GB is recommended. Virgin Mobile offers a cheaper plan with more data. Moreover, by adding a few extra dollars, you can potentially double your data. Additionally, it’s worth noting that, in both companies, postpaid plans provide more data at a lower cost compared to prepaid plans.

Opting for a Smaller Plan

If you don’t intend to extensively use the internet on your phone, opting for a smaller plan might be suitable. Even basic phone operations such as web app notifications and GPS require some data.

Essentially, both companies include 250MB of data in their cheapest plans, but these plans do not come with unlimited calls. For those seeking 4G with unlimited calls and some data, both companies offer plans that include 1GB of data at the same price. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can upgrade to a plan with 3GB of data.

Virgin and Fido’s Bigger Plans

If you frequently browse the internet on your phone without heavy music or video streaming, the 1GB starter plan might be a suitable option. Opting for Virgin Mobile could provide a better deal with more data at a lower cost. However, Fido may offer a similar price, especially when utilizing the auto-payment option.

Regardless of whether you’re an occasional or frequent internet user, both Virgin Mobile and Fido provide larger data plans at cost-effective rates.

Smaller Plans

Compact plans cater to individuals with modest internet usage on their mobile phones. Despite limited usage, having a small data plan remains essential, as your phone continuously consumes data for background operations, app notifications, and GPS functionality.

Among the most budget-friendly plans offered by both companies is a baseline of 500MB. However, Virgin Mobile stands out by providing an additional 500MB as a bonus, totaling 1GB per month. If you are in search of an unlimited calling and messaging plan with minimal included data, Virgin Mobile consistently stands as the superior choice.

How Do You Choose the Best Plan?

Choosing the best plan involves considering both pricing and coverage aspects. If affordability and generous data allowances are a priority, exploring Virgin Plus plans is recommended. However, for those emphasizing network coverage, it’s crucial to understand the mobile networks each company utilizes— Virgin Plus on Bell Mobility, Koodo on Telus, and Fido Mobile on Rogers. Referring to the Canadian Cellular Towers Map for Bell, Telus, and Rogers can optimize signal strength based on tower proximity.

Once the right plan size is determined, evaluating service coverage is essential. Virgin Plus (Bell) and Koodo (Telus) operate on different networks. Check coverage maps for both networks and gather insights from friends and family. If one carrier offers superior coverage in your area, it may be the optimal choice. However, if both carriers have excellent coverage, the decision can be based on the best plan for your needs.

Crucially, Fido, Koodo, and Virgin all provide Bring Your Own (BYO) phone plans on a monthly basis without long-term contracts, offering the flexibility to switch providers if dissatisfied. Be mindful of potential activation fees when considering a switch. Ultimately, your decision should align with your budget, data needs, and the network coverage that best fits your specific locations of use.

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