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Could not get wifi


Always happy with service , but when bell bought out shaw I could not get wifi in restaurants and other places that were previously supported by shaw

May 25, 2024

Price too high


Price too high

May 25, 2024

No Comments


No Comments




Since being with Public Mobile I have experienced no problems with the service. Further the service plan I signed up for is one of the most economical amongst service providers. Also Public provides incentives for remaining with their network. For a limited time, subscribe to a 4G 40GB plan for only $29/month, plus get a free esim card. I used referral —— and got a $10 credit.

May 12, 2024

Run from this company!! Run very fast!!!!!


Don’t do it! This company is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They offer cheap rates and provide cheaper service! They throttle your internet and when you catch them, they play dumb. When you cancel your account, they ignore you and continue to charge you and send you threatening messages EVERY DAY saying they will report you to the credit bureau! I have been going back and forth with them every day for weeks now! Every time they say “sorry for the confusion” and then proceed to tell me they are going to disconnect me and report me to the credit bureau!! There is no confusion! I already told them I’m not using their service!!! I paid them every month and then said my last payment was my last payment! They igonore you – sort of – but then come back with the same never ending circular conversation. It’s like when George Costanza wouldn’t answer his girlfriend’s calls so she couldn’t break up with him. Save yourself the aggravation and run from this company!!


Don't have the answers to basic questions


I have had nothing but problems with Rogers I have spent countless hours on the phone talking to low level people that don’t have the answers to basic questions. When I ask for a supervisor I never get one. Large bills no satifaction. i give up.25 plus years down the drain.and nothing will change.

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