Latest 5G Mobile Special Offers in June 2024

5G technology is revolutionizing the mobile landscape in Canada, promising lightning-fast speeds, lower latency, and enhanced connectivity. As the demand for 5G services grows, mobile carriers across the country are rolling out special offers and promotions to attract and retain customers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the latest 5G mobile plan special offers available in Canada, highlighting the diverse options and incentives provided by various carriers.

Rogers Postpaid Mobile Plan OfferSave up to $30/mth [end: unknown]
SaskTel Unlimited PostPaid OfferSave $20/mo [end: unknown]
PC Mobile Auto Top-Up BonusUpto 5GB bonus data for auto top-up [end: unknown]
Phone Box – $10 Off with eSIMSave total of $10 [end: unknown]
Freedom Mobile Plan OfferSave upto $15/mth for 24 mths [end: unknown]
Eastlink Bundle OfferSave $30/mo with Internet [end: unknown]
Videotron Bundle OfferSave upto $20/mth when bundle with Internet [end: unknown]
Freedom Mobile Bring Your Own Phone OfferSave upto $10/mo for 24 mths [end: unknown]

Rogers Postpaid Mobile Plan Offer

Save up to $30/mth

  • $start from $50/mth
  • 5G/5G+ network access
  • Unlimited calling & texting
  • Unlimited data with eligible plans
  • Unlimited calling, texting and picture/video messaging within Canada and the U.S with eligible plans
  • Get 5 Roam Like Home days with eligible plans

SaskTel Unlimited PostPaid Offer

Save $20/mo

  • Start $65/mth
  • 5G enabled
  • Free Select Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited Canada-wide data
  • Unlimited calling in Canada to Canada & the U.S & Mexico (eligible plans)
  • Unlimited text/pic messaging in Canada & the U.S. & Mexico to anywhere (eligible plans)
  • Included Enhanced Voice Mail, HD Voice, Call Display, Call Waiting, and Three-way Calling

PC Mobile Auto Top-Up Bonus

Upto 5GB bonus data for auto top-up

  • $start from $20/mo
  • Unlimited Canada-wide talk & text
  • Unlimited Canada-wide, US & international text, picture and video messages from Canada
  • 5G plans available
  • Up to 10% of the value of every Top-Up in PC points
  • 20,000 bonus points after 2 mths of service

Phone Box – $10 Off with eSIM

Save total of $10

  • $start from $9
  • Week, month, and 90-day options available
  • Download data upto unlimited
  • Unlimited International Calling available
  • 4G/5G Network

Freedom Mobile Plan Offer

Save upto $15/mth for 24 mths

  • Start from $19/mth
  • Save upto $10/mth for 24 mths if BYO
  • Save $5/mth for Digital Discount
  • Upto 3GB bonus data
  • Connect to the 5G (full-speed) and 4G (100 Mbps max) networks
  • Nationwide unlimited data on 5G plans
  • Unlimited talk (calls to Canada & U.S. from both Canada & U.S.) with eligible plans
  • No data overage fees

Eastlink Bundle Offer

Save $30/mo with Internet

  • Start $35.00/mo for unlimited data plan
  • Upto 80 GB of high speed easlink data
  • 10GB of high speed nationwide data
  • Unlimited Nationwide Minutes
  • Unlimited Text, Picture & Video Messaging from Canada to Canada,US & International)
  • Family Share Unlimited Data plans
  • Save $5/mo on each additional line

Videotron Bundle Offer

Save upto $20/mth when bundle with Internet

  • Start $35/mth
  • Unlimited call & SMS
  • Plan options are available for Canada-US or Canada-France inclusion
  • Save upto additional $10/mth and 5GB bonus data when BYO
  • Upto 100GB bonus data per year
  • 5G network access
  • Club illico mobile in Canada

Freedom Mobile Bring Your Own Phone Offer

Save upto $10/mo for 24 mths

  • Start from $29/mo
  • Access 4G or 5G network
  • Voicemail+ on 5G plans
  • Unlimited data on 5G plans
  • Some plans included unlimited talk to US or Mexico
  • Unlimited global text, picture and video messaging

1. Unlimited Data Plans:

With 5G’s incredible speed and capacity, unlimited data plans have become increasingly popular among consumers who want to stream, game, and browse without worrying about data caps. Major carriers like Rogers, Bell, and Telus are offering competitive unlimited data plans, allowing users to enjoy high-speed 5G connectivity without restrictions.

Major Carriers:

Rogers, Bell, and Telus are leading the way with their unlimited data plans, providing customers with unlimited access to 5G networks along with additional perks such as free streaming subscriptions, enhanced roaming options, and device financing incentives.

Smaller Carriers and MVNOs:

Smaller carriers and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are also joining the 5G fray with budget-friendly unlimited data options. These providers offer competitive pricing and flexible contract terms, making 5G accessibility more attainable for a broader range of consumers.

2. Family Bundles and Shared Plans:

For families or groups looking to save money on their mobile bills, family bundles and shared plans are an excellent option. Carriers like Rogers, Bell, and Telus offer special discounts and incentives for adding multiple lines to a single account, allowing families to share data and minutes while enjoying savings on each additional line.

Carrier Offers:

Rogers, Bell, and Telus provide discounted rates on additional lines, bonus data allowances, and complimentary add-ons such as device protection and streaming subscriptions as part of their family bundle offers.

Innovative Shared Plans:

Some carriers are introducing innovative shared plans that allow customers to pool their data allowances with friends or family members. These shared plans offer flexibility and savings, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their 5G connectivity.

3. Device Financing and Trade-In Deals:

To make 5G devices more accessible to consumers, carriers are offering attractive financing and trade-in deals. Customers can take advantage of installment payment options, trade-in credits, and exclusive discounts when purchasing a new 5G smartphone.

Carrier Promotions:

Rogers, Bell, and Telus provide device financing plans that allow customers to spread the cost of their new 5G device over a fixed period. Additionally, trade-in programs offer customers the opportunity to trade in their old devices for credit towards a new 5G smartphone, further reducing the upfront cost.


5G technology is unlocking a new era of connectivity in Canada, offering consumers unprecedented speed, reliability, and performance. With a wide range of special offers and promotions from major carriers and smaller providers, there’s never been a better time to explore 5G mobile plans. By comparing features, pricing, and incentives, consumers can find the perfect plan to suit their needs and take full advantage of the benefits offered by 5G technology.

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