Latest Fiber Internet Special Offers in July 2024

 Canada’s internet scene is buzzing with the latest advancements in fiber-optic technology. Renowned for its lightning-fast speeds and unmatched reliability, fiber internet is stealing the spotlight. Across the nation, consumers are being treated to a myriad of special offers and promotions from ISPs of all sizes. Join us on a journey into the dynamic realm of fiber internet plan specials in Canada, where seamless connectivity and exceptional online experiences await.

Rogers Ignite Internet OfferSave upto $600 over 24 mths [end: unknown]
Bell Fibe OfferSave upto $35/mo for 2 years [end: unknown]
CanNet – Internet OfferSave up to a total of $360 [end: unknown]
AcanacSave up to a total of $960 [end: unknown]
TekSavvy Gift Card Offer$25 gift card [end: unknown]
TekSavvy Fibre OfferSave upto $30/mth for first 12 mths [end: unknown]
Rogers Ignite Internet & TV Bundle OfferSave upto $1440 over 24 mths [end: unknown]
SaskTel infiNET Internet OfferSave up to a total of $1200 [end: unknown]
Metroloop Fibre Optic Internet OfferSave upto $36/mth for 12 mths [end: unknown]
Shaw Ignite InternetSave upto $35/mo for 2 years [end: unknown]

Rogers Ignite Internet Offer

Save upto $600 over 24 mths

  • Start $79.99/mo
  • Download speed upto 2.5 Gigabit
  • Modem rental Included
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Ignite Streaming with eligible plans
  • Save when bundled with Ignite TV

Bell Fibe Offer

Save upto $35/mo for 2 years

  • Start from $50/mo
  • Download & Upload upto 3 Gbps
  • Giga Hub Wi-Fi 6E included
  • $0 installation available
  • Get an extra credit of $10/mo for 2 years on Fibe 150 or higher when paired with an eligible Mobility plan

CanNet – Internet Offer

Save up to a total of $360

  • Start from $29.98/mth
  • Cable or Fibre options available
  • Download speed upto 1000 mbps
  • Some plans include a modem or router at no additional cost
  • Cancel within 30 days for a full refund of the monthly invoice


Save up to a total of $960

  • Start from $28/mth
  • upto 50% off for 24 mths
  • Fibre option available
  • Download Speed upto 1000 mbps
  • Upload Speed upto 750 mbps
  • Get 3 mth free home phone when bundle with internet
  • Wi-Fi equipment included
  • Free installation and activation

TekSavvy Gift Card Offer

$25 gift card

  • Get an gift card when you subscribe to a 24-month term with any Fibre plan
  • Start $44.95/mth
  • Download speed upto 3000 Mbps
  • Included router or modem
  • $0 Activation fee

TekSavvy Fibre Offer

Save upto $30/mth for first 12 mths

  • Start $44.95/mth
  • Download speed upto 3000 Mbps
  • Included router or modem
  • $0 Activation fee
  • Get $25 gift card with any 24-month term

Rogers Ignite Internet & TV Bundle Offer

Save upto $1440 over 24 mths

  • Start $99.99/mo
  • Free Ignite Express Setup
  • Download speed upto 1.5 Gigabit
  • Modem rental Included
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Up to 116 channels
  • 4K content

SaskTel infiNET Internet Offer

Save up to a total of $1200

  • Start $39.97/mth
  • Save upto $74.98/mth for first 3 mths or
  • Save upto $35/mth for first 24 mths
  • Save $25/mo. with maxTV or $20/mo. with maxTV Stream
  • Save $5/mo. with Wireless
  • Whole Home Wi‑Fi free for 12 months on a 2-year infiNET 300, 600, or 1 Gig plan
  • Download up to 940 Mbps & Upload up to 500 Mbps
  • Included one Wi‑Fi enabled gateway

Metroloop Fibre Optic Internet Offer

Save upto $36/mth for 12 mths

  • Start from $49/mo
  • Download/upload speed from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps
  • No data caps/usage fees
  • Part of the Xplore
  • Fibre Modem included
  • High Performance WiFi Router
  • Dynamic IPv4 Address
  • Free standard installation
  • Save more when bundle with TV and with/without Phone service

Shaw Ignite Internet

Save upto $35/mo for 2 years

  • Start from $65/mo
  • Download Speed up to 1.5G
  • Ignite Wifi Gateway modem
  • $50 Bill Credit
  • Save additional $10/mo if you are Rogers & Fido Mobile Customers
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Some eligible plans included 24 months Ignite Streaming


In today’s digital era, fast and reliable internet connectivity is essential for staying connected, working remotely, streaming content, and more. The internet landscape is abuzz with the latest special offers and promotions, particularly in the realm of fiber internet plans. Fiber-optic technology has revolutionized internet speeds and reliability, offering Canadians lightning-fast connections for seamless online experiences. Join us as we delve into the latest fiber internet plan special offers in Canada, exploring the options available to consumers and uncovering opportunities for enhanced connectivity and savings.

1. High-Speed Fiber Internet Plans:

Fiber internet is renowned for its unmatched speed and reliability, making it a top choice for households and businesses alike. Leading internet service providers (ISPs) in Canada are rolling out special offers on their high-speed fiber internet plans, providing customers with blazing-fast connections for all their online activities.

Major ISPs:

Major ISPs such as Bell, Telus, and Rogers are offering competitive deals on their fiber internet packages, with incentives such as discounted monthly rates, waived installation fees, and free equipment upgrades. These plans cater to users who demand the utmost in performance and reliability, delivering consistently fast speeds for streaming, gaming, video conferencing, and more.

Regional Providers:

In addition to major ISPs, regional providers are also stepping up their game with special offers on fiber internet plans. Companies like SaskTel, Cogeco, and Eastlink are extending attractive promotions, including discounted rates for new subscribers, free installation, and bundled services for added value. These regional providers bring high-speed fiber internet to communities across Canada, offering competitive alternatives to national ISPs.

2. Unlimited Data Fiber Plans:

With the growing demand for online content and cloud-based services, unlimited data plans have become increasingly popular among Canadian consumers. ISPs are offering special deals on unlimited data fiber plans, allowing users to browse, stream, and download to their heart’s content without worrying about data caps or overage charges.

Major ISPs:

Major ISPs like Bell and Telus are introducing unlimited data options as part of their fiber internet plans, providing subscribers with unlimited usage at high speeds. These plans are perfect for households with multiple users or heavy internet usage, ensuring a seamless online experience without any restrictions.

Bundled Fiber Packages:

For consumers seeking convenience and savings, bundled fiber packages that combine internet, TV, and home phone services are a popular choice. ISPs are unveiling special offers on bundled fiber packages, allowing customers to enjoy high-speed internet along with additional amenities for added value.


The availability of fiber internet continues to expand across Canada, bringing lightning-fast speeds and reliable connectivity to households and businesses nationwide. With special offers and promotions from leading ISPs and regional providers, Canadians have access to a wide range of fiber internet plans tailored to their needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for high-speed internet, unlimited data, or bundled services, there’s a fiber plan to suit your requirements. By exploring the latest offers and comparing features, pricing, and incentives, consumers can make informed decisions and maximize their online experience in the dynamic world of fiber internet.

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