Latest Mobile Special Offers in July 2024

Looking for the latest deals on mobile devices in Canada? You’re in luck! As technology continues to advance, so do the offers and promotions available for smartphones and other gadgets. Whether you’re in the market for a new smartphone, tablet, or accessories, now is the perfect time to upgrade or switch providers. From discounted devices to enticing contract incentives, there’s something for everyone this month. Let’s dive into the exciting world of mobile special offers in Canada.

Telus Prepaid Bonus Data DealUpto 10GB bonus data [end: unknown]
Bell Mobility – PostPaid Mobile OfferSave up to a total of $240 [end: unknown]
Fido – Data, Talk & Text OfferSave up to 240 [end: unknown]
Rogers Postpaid Mobile Plan OfferSave up to $30/mth [end: unknown]
SaskTel Unlimited PostPaid OfferSave $20/mo [end: unknown]
PC Mobile Auto Top-Up BonusUpto 5GB bonus data for auto top-up [end: unknown]
Phone Box – $10 Off with eSIMSave total of $10 [end: unknown]
Koodo – Welcome Back OfferSave up to a total of $120 [end: unknown]
Chatr Wireless Bonus Data OfferGet upto 58 GB data / mth for 24 mths [end: unknown]
7-Eleven SpeakOut Wireless FREE $25Get upto $25 Account Bonus [end: 30-04-2024]
Freedom Mobile Plan OfferSave upto $15/mth for 24 mths [end: unknown]
Lum Mobile New Customer OfferSave up to an $86 discount off first purchase [end: unknown]
Eastlink Bundle OfferSave $30/mo with Internet [end: unknown]
fizz BETA offerSave upto $29.5/mth for 6 mths [end: unknown]
Videotron Bundle OfferSave upto $20/mth when bundle with Internet [end: unknown]
fido Mobile Plan Automatic Payments DiscountSave $5.00/mth [end: unknown]
Freedom Mobile Bring Your Own Phone OfferSave upto $10/mo for 24 mths [end: unknown]
Good2Go Bonus Data OfferUpto 2GB Bonus Data + 50 Bonus mins [end: unknown]

Telus Prepaid Bonus Data Deal

Upto 10GB bonus data

  • Use 250AUTO,AUTO2GB,AUTO10GB,AUTO500,QCBONUS25,BONUS365 to get bonus data
  • Most plans include unlimited nationwide minutes
  • Most plans include unlimited incoming/outgoing SMS and MMS

Bell Mobility – PostPaid Mobile Offer

Save up to a total of $240

  • Start $50.00/mo
  • Unlimited international texting
  • Fastest available 5G+ speeds

Fido – Data, Talk & Text Offer

Save up to 240

  • Start $29/mth
  • Free Fido SIM Card
  • Save $60 on the Setup Service Fee when you activate online
  • Worry free with our 30-day return

Rogers Postpaid Mobile Plan Offer

Save up to $30/mth

  • $start from $50/mth
  • 5G/5G+ network access
  • Unlimited calling & texting
  • Unlimited data with eligible plans
  • Unlimited calling, texting and picture/video messaging within Canada and the U.S with eligible plans
  • Get 5 Roam Like Home days with eligible plans

SaskTel Unlimited PostPaid Offer

Save $20/mo

  • Start $65/mth
  • 5G enabled
  • Free Select Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited Canada-wide data
  • Unlimited calling in Canada to Canada & the U.S & Mexico (eligible plans)
  • Unlimited text/pic messaging in Canada & the U.S. & Mexico to anywhere (eligible plans)
  • Included Enhanced Voice Mail, HD Voice, Call Display, Call Waiting, and Three-way Calling

PC Mobile Auto Top-Up Bonus

Upto 5GB bonus data for auto top-up

  • $start from $20/mo
  • Unlimited Canada-wide talk & text
  • Unlimited Canada-wide, US & international text, picture and video messages from Canada
  • 5G plans available
  • Up to 10% of the value of every Top-Up in PC points
  • 20,000 bonus points after 2 mths of service

Phone Box – $10 Off with eSIM

Save total of $10

  • $start from $9
  • Week, month, and 90-day options available
  • Download data upto unlimited
  • Unlimited International Calling available
  • 4G/5G Network

Koodo – Welcome Back Offer

Save up to a total of $120

  • Use 'PROMOWEB120' to get $60 off on selected plans $35 and up
  • Unlimited Canada-wide messaging
  • Unlimited Canada-wide minutes
  • Up to 20GB data
  • 1 FREE Perk
  • Save the $60 connection fee when you shop online

Chatr Wireless Bonus Data Offer

Get upto 58 GB data / mth for 24 mths

  • Start $15/mth
  • Big data bonus for data lover
  • Download speed up to 150 Mbps
  • Unlimited Text to Canada, US & International
  • Some plans included Unlimited US Talk
  • International Talk Saver
  • Voicemail

7-Eleven SpeakOut Wireless FREE $25

Get upto $25 Account Bonus

  • FREE $25 Account Bonus on $100 Top Up
  • Start from $25/mth
  • Unlimited Canada mins for $35 or above plan
  • Unlimited text/MMS to CDN,US and INT'L for $35 or above plan
  • FREE Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting

Freedom Mobile Plan Offer

Save upto $15/mth for 24 mths

  • Start from $19/mth
  • Save upto $10/mth for 24 mths if BYO
  • Save $5/mth for Digital Discount
  • Upto 3GB bonus data
  • Connect to the 5G (full-speed) and 4G (100 Mbps max) networks
  • Nationwide unlimited data on 5G plans
  • Unlimited talk (calls to Canada & U.S. from both Canada & U.S.) with eligible plans
  • No data overage fees

Lum Mobile New Customer Offer

Save up to an $86 discount off first purchase

  • Save up to an $86 discount off first purchase
  • Its equal 3 mths membership + 6GB
  • or equal 3 mths membership + 3 mths Unlimited Talk & Text (to Canada or the U.S.)
  • Data never expires
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Minutes or Messages charged by "MB"
  • 0.001 GB of data = 10 outgoing texts = 1 minute to talk
  • Same price from Canada to Canada, U.S. or Mexico

Eastlink Bundle Offer

Save $30/mo with Internet

  • Start $35.00/mo for unlimited data plan
  • Upto 80 GB of high speed easlink data
  • 10GB of high speed nationwide data
  • Unlimited Nationwide Minutes
  • Unlimited Text, Picture & Video Messaging from Canada to Canada,US & International)
  • Family Share Unlimited Data plans
  • Save $5/mo on each additional line

fizz BETA offer

Save upto $29.5/mth for 6 mths

  • Start from $4.50/mth
  • Enjoy a 50% discount on the total monthly price for six months
  • Discount for new customer in AB,BC,MB and ON
  • Tailor your plan to enable or disable unlimited text, unlimited calls, voicemail, or international calls
  • Data varies between 4GB and 60GB
  • Loyalty program available
  • Support data rollover
  • Data gifting available

Videotron Bundle Offer

Save upto $20/mth when bundle with Internet

  • Start $35/mth
  • Unlimited call & SMS
  • Plan options are available for Canada-US or Canada-France inclusion
  • Save upto additional $10/mth and 5GB bonus data when BYO
  • Upto 100GB bonus data per year
  • 5G network access
  • Club illico mobile in Canada

fido Mobile Plan Automatic Payments Discount

Save $5.00/mth

  • Start $25/mo
  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Speeds up to 150Mbps
  • 5 hours of unlimited data every month
  • Data Overage Protection
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • $0 Setup Service Fee

Freedom Mobile Bring Your Own Phone Offer

Save upto $10/mo for 24 mths

  • Start from $29/mo
  • Access 4G or 5G network
  • Voicemail+ on 5G plans
  • Unlimited data on 5G plans
  • Some plans included unlimited talk to US or Mexico
  • Unlimited global text, picture and video messaging

Good2Go Bonus Data Offer

Upto 2GB Bonus Data + 50 Bonus mins

  • Start from $15/30 days
  • Unlimited talk & text (except pay per use plan)
  • Included Voicemail, Caller ID and Call Waiting

As February unfolds in Canada, the mobile telecommunications landscape is abuzz with enticing offers and promotions designed to attract customers and enhance their mobile experience. From unlimited data plans to family bundles and perks like free streaming services, there’s a diverse array of options available to consumers looking to optimize their connectivity while saving money. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the latest mobile plan special offers across various carriers in Canada, empowering consumers to make informed decisions and get the most value for their money.

1. Unlimited Data Plans:

One of the most sought-after offerings in the mobile plan market is unlimited data, providing customers with the freedom to stream, browse, and connect without worrying about data caps or overage charges. Several Canadian carriers are rolling out competitive unlimited data plans with enticing perks and features.

Major carriers:

Major carriers such as Rogers, Bell, and Telus are offering unlimited data plans with high-speed connectivity and premium add-ons like free access to popular streaming platforms, enhanced roaming options, and device financing incentives. These plans cater to heavy data users who rely on their smartphones for work, entertainment, and staying connected on the go.

Smaller carriers and MVNOs:

Smaller carriers and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) are also jumping on the unlimited data bandwagon with budget-friendly options that prioritize affordability without compromising on network quality or features. From flexible monthly plans to prepaid options with unlimited talk and text, there’s something for every budget and usage pattern in the unlimited data segment.

2. Family Bundles and Shared Plans:

For families or groups looking to consolidate their mobile services and save money, family bundles and shared plans offer a convenient and cost-effective solution. Canadian carriers are enticing customers with special offers and discounts on family plans, allowing multiple lines to share data, minutes, and text messages while enjoying additional perks.

Carriers like Rogers, Bell, and Telus:

Carriers like Rogers, Bell, and Telus are promoting family bundles with discounted rates on additional lines, bonus data allowances, and complimentary add-ons such as device protection and streaming subscriptions. These bundled offerings cater to households with multiple users who want to streamline their mobile expenses and enjoy enhanced connectivity across all devices.

Innovative shared plans:

Additionally, some carriers are introducing innovative shared plans that allow customers to pool their data allowances with friends or family members, maximizing flexibility and minimizing wastage. With features like data rollover, customizable sharing settings, and simplified billing, shared plans are gaining popularity among Canadian consumers seeking a collaborative approach to mobile service management.

3. Value-Added Perks and Incentives:

In a competitive market, carriers are going the extra mile to differentiate their offerings by including value-added perks and incentives that enhance the overall customer experience. From free streaming subscriptions to loyalty rewards and exclusive discounts, these extras add significant value to mobile plans and attract customers seeking more than just basic connectivity.

Partnering with streaming platforms:

Many carriers are partnering with popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify to offer complimentary subscriptions as part of their mobile plans. Customers can enjoy unlimited access to their favorite movies, TV shows, and music streaming services without incurring additional costs, making these plans even more appealing.

Loyalty programs and rewards schemes:

Furthermore, carriers are introducing loyalty programs and rewards schemes that incentivize customers to stay with their provider and continue using their services. From bonus data bonuses and discounted device upgrades to VIP customer support and priority access to exclusive events, these perks create a sense of appreciation and recognition among loyal subscribers.


Canadian consumers have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to mobile plans, thanks to the diverse array of special offers and promotions available across various carriers. Whether you’re looking for unlimited data, family bundles, or value-added perks, there’s a plan tailored to your needs and preferences. By exploring the latest offerings and comparing features, pricing, and incentives, consumers can find the perfect mobile plan that provides optimal connectivity, flexibility, and value for money. As the mobile telecommunications landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest special offers is key to maximizing savings and enjoying an exceptional mobile experience in Canada.

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