Public Mobile Announces Changes to Popular Mobile Plans

Public Mobile updates popular mobile plans, reducing data allowances and adjusting prices. Monthly and 90-day plans now offer 2GB instead of 3GB, with slight price changes. The 30GB plan remains $29 but reduces from 40GB.

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Public Mobile has announced updates to some of its popular mobile plans, affecting both data allowances and pricing. Here’s a detailed look at the changes and what customers need to know.

Monthly Mobile Plan Changes

Public Mobile – 3GB 4G Monthly Mobile Plan

The 3GB 4G Monthly Mobile Plan will undergo a reduction in data allowance. Previously, the plan offered 3GB of data for $21 per month. Under the new changes, the data allowance will be reduced to 2GB per month, and the price will be adjusted slightly downwards to $20 per month. This plan is ideal for users who primarily use their phones for light browsing, social media, and occasional video streaming.

New Plan Details:

  • Data Allowance: 2GB per month
  • Price: $20 per month

Public Mobile – 30GB 4G Monthly Mobile Plan

The 30GB 4G Monthly Mobile Plan, which previously offered 40GB of data for $29 per month, will now provide 30GB of data at the same price. This plan remains a solid option for heavy data users who stream videos, play online games, and use data-intensive applications.

New Plan Details:

  • Data Allowance: 30GB per month
  • Price: $29 per month

90-Day Mobile Plan Changes

Public Mobile – 3GB 4G 90-Day Mobile Plan

For those who prefer a longer-term commitment, the 3GB 4G 90-Day Mobile Plan will see a data reduction as well. The plan previously offered 3GB of data over 90 days for $19. With the new changes, the data allowance will be reduced to 2GB over the same period, while the price remains unchanged at $19.

New Plan Details:

  • Data Allowance: 2GB per 90 days
  • Price: $19

Implications for Public Mobile Customers

These changes reflect Public Mobile’s ongoing adjustments to their data plans to remain competitive while addressing network capacity and customer usage patterns. While the reductions in data might affect some users, the slight price adjustments and maintenance of affordability aim to balance the value offered to customers.

Transition for Current Subscribers

Current subscribers to these plans will need to be aware of the upcoming changes and assess their data needs accordingly. Public Mobile is likely to notify users about these changes through email or SMS, providing ample time to adjust their usage or consider alternative plans if necessary.


Public Mobile’s updates to their mobile plans demonstrate a strategic approach to managing network resources while keeping their plans affordable. Customers are encouraged to review their mobile usage patterns and choose the plan that best suits their needs. These changes highlight the dynamic nature of mobile plan offerings and the importance of staying informed about the latest updates from service providers.

For more information and to stay updated on future changes, visit Public Mobile’s official website or contact their customer support.

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