TekSavvy’s Plea to CRTC for Wholesale Fibre Access

TekSavvy urges CRTC for fair access to fibre internet, vital for smaller providers amidst declining competition. With over 100,000 subscriber losses, their plea underscores the need for regulatory change and equitable practices.

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In a bid to level the digital playing field, TekSavvy, an independent telecom company, presses the federal regulator, CRTC, to urgently address internet competition disparities amidst a challenging landscape for smaller providers.

Based in Chatham, Ontario, TekSavvy took center stage at the recent CRTC hearing, advocating for the establishment of a national wholesale framework. This framework would enable providers to offer fibre internet services by accessing networks constructed by their competitors upon payment of a fee.

TekSavvy underscores the significance of this regulatory proceeding, highlighting substantial subscriber losses exceeding 100,000 due to an unfavourable regulatory environment for wholesalers. Despite these challenges, Andy Kaplan-Myrth, TekSavvy’s Vice President of Regulatory and Carrier Affairs, reassures that the company remains steadfast, emphasizing, “we’ve been running on hope for a very long time,” while acknowledging the imperative for sustainable business practices.

Last November, the CRTC unveiled plans to mandate Bell Canada and Telus Corp. to grant competitors access to their fibre-to-the-home networks in Ontario and Quebec, commencing in May.

CRTC Chairwoman Vicky Eatrides voiced concerns over dwindling competition among internet providers, citing the acquisition of many independents by larger corporations and the subsequent reduction in subscriber numbers.

This call to action underscores TekSavvy’s commitment to fostering equitable access to high-quality internet services, which will ultimately drive a more competitive and consumer-friendly market landscape.

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