Best Virgin Plus Internet Plans

Virgin Plus Internet provides affordable internet Plans in Canada. Find the Best Deals on the Best high-speed and Unlimited Residential Internet by Virgin Plus. Virgin Plus and its parent service consistently rank as some of the best providers in their respective provinces.

Virgin Plus: Elevate Your Connectivity Experience

Select Virgin Plus for exceptional internet services. With lightning-fast speeds, personalized plans, and outstanding customer support, redefine your connectivity experience. Stay seamlessly connected and enhance your digital lifestyle. Choose Virgin Plus on for unparalleled internet excellence where connectivity meets exceptional service.

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The Cheapest Virgin Plus Internet Plans

10 Results Updated: 2024-01-12
Virgin Plus - Internet 30 - UNLIMITED - QC
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30/10 (DSL)Unlimited$35.00
Virgin Plus - Internet 60 - UNLIMITED - QC
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60/10 (DSL)Unlimited$45.00
Virgin Plus - Internet 100 - UNLIMITED - QC
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100/10 (DSL)Unlimited$49.00
Virgin Plus - Internet 5 - UNLIMITED - ON
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5/1 (DSL)Unlimited$55.00$60.00
  • Get a $5 credit for 12 months.
Virgin Plus - Internet 15 - UNLIMITED - ON
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15/10 (DSL)Unlimited$55.00$60.00
  • Get a $5 credit for 12 months.

The Fastest Virgin Plus Internet Plans

10 Results Updated: 2024-01-12
Virgin Plus - Internet 300 - UNLIMITED - QC
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300/100 (Fibre)Unlimited$57.00
Virgin Plus - Internet 300 - UNLIMITED - ON
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300/100 (Fibre)Unlimited$70.00$90.00
  • Get a $20 credit for 12 months
Virgin Plus - Internet 100 - UNLIMITED - QC
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100/10 (DSL)Unlimited$49.00
Virgin Plus - Internet 100 - UNLIMITED - ON
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100/10 (DSL)Unlimited$65.00$75.00
  • Get a $10 credit for 12 months.
Virgin Plus - Internet 60 - UNLIMITED - QC
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60/10 (DSL)Unlimited$45.00

What We Like

They have got you covered with an impressive range of value-packed plans and the latest in-demand phones. But that’s not all! They also offer high-speed internet that meets your needs and access to the hottest TV shows.

It doesn’t stop there. They go above and beyond to provide even more benefits to their members, making you feel like a valued part of their community. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service shines through, ensuring that your experience with them is nothing short of awesome.

Their offerings are filled with pluses, and it’s not just a marketing gimmick. They truly deliver on their promises by providing a comprehensive package that covers all your communication and entertainment needs. From affordable plans to cutting-edge devices, fast internet, and exciting TV content, they have it all.

Pros & Cons

  1. Comprehensive Bundle Packages
  2. Innovative TV Offerings
  3. Strong Customer Support
  4. Customizable Plans
  1. Limited Service Availability
  2. Pricing

About Virgin Plus Internet

If you want to be free of lengthy internet contracts that are hard to change, Virgin Plus might be the perfect choice for you. They have a great selection of home internet plans for households of all sizes. Virgin Plus is one of Canada’s top telecom providers, and their deal on home internet is impressive as well. Virgin Plus lets you tune in to low-cost internet packages across Ontario and Quebec for only $50/month for up to 25 Mbps and unlimited data for all plans. Learn more about Virgin Plus below and what they offer in their home internet plans.

What Internet Plans Does Virgin Plus Offer?

Virgin Plus currently offers three home internet plans. These plans are very similar and all come with unlimited data and free installation. The only differences are the maximum speeds attainable and, of course, the price.

Virgin Plus Home Internet

Good news for Canadians out there who are looking for more options of internet service providers because Virgin Plus Canada now provides Canadian households with high-speed internet. Consumers will know if they are within the service area using Virgin’s available online tool. As of now, the service is only offered to a limited area. The company is promoting that there will be no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and the best of all, no set-up fees. Customers will surely be delighted. Let us hope that this will be the start of more available alternatives to the country’s high-speed internet service providers. Still, keep in mind that although the service may be unlike the other high-profile internet service providers, Bell Canada actually owns Virgin Plus Canada. Also, let’s hope that Virgin will have its own tech support to assist new customers because sharing Bell’s dedicated tech support to its main customers could eventually result in customers disappointment. There are two packages to choose from, the 300GB Plan or the Unlimited Plan. The 300 GB Plan currently costs $50/month plus $1 every succeeding gigabyte used. On the other hand, the Unlimited Plan costs $65/month and it could be one of the more competitive deals available in the market. New customers need to buy Steve (Virgin’s own modem) to be able to use the Virgin Plus Home Internet. At this time, the modem’s limited download speed of 25/Mbps and upload speed of 10/Mbps is the only available option for consumers. Low and medium internet users will be surely satisfied with the modem, though the heavy internet users might ask for more. Purchase of Steve will be included with the internet service’s monthly payment.

Best Virgin Plus Internet Plans

Comparing Virgin’s internet packages to other internet service providers, Canadian consumers will see that despite the limited speeds of Steve, it is one of the most affordable options available. Especially the Unlimited Plan, which is the more attractive of the two plans. Here is how other internet packages currently look:
  1. Rogers Hi-Speed Internet – Unlimited internet is not included in the available packages unless the customer pays more and gets a fixed-term contract.
  2. Bell – Unlimited internet is offered on most plans for an additional $15.
  3. TekSavvy – Unlimited add-ons is offered to any internet plans but need to be set-up with an agent through the phone. It also has a cheaper fee for excess data consumed per month.
Regardless of Virgin Plus Canada’s current limited service area and modem speed, its new internet plans still offer good alternatives for customers. Let’s just hope that the company will be successful with its new venture so that Canadians will have more affordable internet services and more options of high-speed internet service providers.

Basic Plan

The starting plan costs $50/month for up to 25/10 Mbps speed (download/upload). There are no additional fees for installation or modem usage. This plan is suitable for users who only need access to social media, email, and browsing. However, downloading larger files (movies, games) might take a while.

Advanced Plans

Virgin’s intermediate plan costs $60/month for up to 50/10 Mbps. Again, there are no additional fees. This is a much better option considering there is only a slight price increase for doubling the download speed. Unfortunately, the upload speed doesn’t change, and you’ll need a different provider if you wish to stream content or upload large files consistently. The most expensive plan costs $70/month for up to 100/10 Mbps. This option is best for larger households or users that watch streaming HD videos, movies, or games.

Are There Other Costs?

There are no other costs besides the monthly payment. The installation comes free of charge, and modem rental is included in the subscription fee. You’ll also get an assisted installation option, so the technician doesn’t need to enter your home unless absolutely necessary.

Other Features to Know About

Here are the most notable features of Virgin Plus’s home internet:
  • Unlimited data: Since there are no limits on how much data you can use in a month, you don’t have to worry about overdraft fees or speed limits.
  • No modem or installation fees: There are no hidden installation or rental fees. All you have to pay for is the agreed-upon plan.
  • Monthly contract: The month-to-month contract option allows you better flexibility in picking the plan most suitable for your needs. You can cancel the contract at any time or upgrade to a different plan at no additional cost or incurring penalties.
  • Online My Account access: You can use Virgin Plus’s app or online account service to get a quick overview of your internet use and to pay bills directly.
  • Member perks: Long-standing members can get additional promotions or discounts on internet plans or related services.

Something to Watch Out

While the internet plans seem great, here are some negatives you should consider:
  • Limited availability: Virgin Plus’s home internet is only available in Ontario and Quebec. Since Bell Canada operates in those provinces, there don’t seem to be plans to expand these services to other provinces.
  • No bundling available: The home internet can’t be packaged with other services (such as TV or mobile subscriptions). Other providers might offer cheaper alternatives if you combine a few different plans into one payment.
  • Limited upload speed: Your upload speed doesn’t change between plans. If you tend to upload large files, you might need additional upload speed that Virgin Plus can’t offer.
  • Is an MVNO: Since Virgin Plus doesn’t own its infrastructure, some issues and service downtimes may be beyond their control.

Virgin Plus Customer Service

We’ve heard generally decent things about their customer representatives. Do note that since they share infrastructure with their parent company, technicians and other service staff might come from Bell Canada, which might pose scheduling issues.

How to Sign Up?

  1. Search for Virgin Plus’s home internet page.
  2. Select the plan you wish to use.
  3. Check for the plan’s availability in your area.
  4. Complete the registration form with your details.
  5. Wait for Virgin Plus’s sales representative to contact you with a confirmation.
  6. Once your plan is confirmed, schedule an installation appointment.
  7. (Optional) Set up an account with Virgin My Account and download the app to track your bills and use.


How Much Does Virgin Plus Internet Cost?

Internet plans range from $50 to $70 per month, depending on your internet speed.

Can I Bundle Internet With Phone or TV?

Unfortunately, no. Virgin Plus’s services come in separate packages. Promotional offers may include discounts on other services. If you want a bundled pack, you’ll need to contact a different provider.

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Virgin Plus uses a monthly contract, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do I Have to Pay a Cancellation Fee?

Cancelling your contract is free, but you have to return the modem when you cancel your subscription.

What Is Virgin Plus’s Phone Number?

You can contact their customer support at 1-888-285-1842 or make an internet call at 1-888-889-9219.

Customer Reviews

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Virgin Plus Internet

Virgin Plus Provides internet service in 2 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Virgin Plus is $54.10.

Virgin Plus has a total of 10 Internet Plans

Virgin Plus offers the highest speed of 300 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Virgin Plus is $35.00 

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