Rogers Teams Up with Comcast to Introduce Advanced Internet and Entertainment Experience in Canada

Rogers and Comcast join forces to introduce advanced Entertainment OS and 10G internet technology to Canada. Promising seamless navigation and unified content access, the collaboration aims to revolutionize the Canadian entertainment landscape with unparalleled connectivity and user experience.

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Rogers Communications has revealed a groundbreaking 10-year collaboration with Comcast, set to introduce cutting-edge Entertainment OS and 10G internet technology to the Canadian market.

Entertainment OS, currently utilized by leading platforms such as SKY, Foxtel, and XUMO, aims to revolutionize user experience across various devices. Promising seamless navigation and content aggregation, it offers an enhanced viewing journey with minimal searching. By consolidating live TV, subscriptions, and gaming, Entertainment OS creates a unified destination for users.

Alongside the introduction of a new Entertainment OS-powered device, the partnership encompasses broadband and smart home innovations, along with an expanded range of home security solutions developed by Comcast and Xfinity.

Tony Staffieri, President and CEO of Rogers Communications, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Comcast builds on our tradition of delivering top-tier networks, entertainment, and services to Canadians. We are committed to providing Canadians with unparalleled entertainment experiences anytime, anywhere, without disruptions, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Comcast to realize this vision.”

Rogers cited a significant increase in Canadian streaming app subscriptions and broadband data usage over the past five years. Research commissioned by Rogers revealed that a majority of Canadians feel overwhelmed by the multitude of streaming apps available. Additionally, many find content searching time-consuming and encounter difficulties locating desired shows or events. The study highlighted the appeal of accessing all streaming apps through a single platform as the most desirable TV feature.

While commercial specifics will be disclosed upon the product’s launch, Rogers assured continuity with its existing IgniteTV platform in the interim.

As part of the agreement, 10G internet technology will be introduced, promising ultra-fast speeds and minimal latency. Rogers also aims to become the first Canadian internet provider to offer storm-resistant connectivity solutions. The “Storm-Ready WiFi” device, already serving Xfinity customers in the U.S., ensures uninterrupted connectivity during adverse weather conditions or local outages. Equipped with cellular backup and a rechargeable battery, it seamlessly transitions to cellular mode during power outages while extending Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.

Expanding its commitment to home security, Rogers plans to introduce new hardware components, including sensors complementing existing camera and doorbell options, along with on-demand emergency dispatch services.

The announcement, presented at the company’s Annual General Meeting, underscores Rogers’ dedication to bringing global innovations to Canadians. This includes partnerships with SpaceX and Lynk Global to provide nationwide satellite-to-mobile coverage, slated to debut later this year with a range of services from texting to voice and data applications.

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