Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0: The Fastest Internet Speed in North America is now available in Toronto

Bell's Fibre network is now Canada's largest, covering more than 3 million homes from coast-to-coast-to-coast with the fastest Internet speeds available. And as of today, our Gigabit Fibe 8.0 service with download speeds of up to 8 Mbps is available to Toronto residents.
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Bell Canada, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada, has announced that its new Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 Internet service is now available in Toronto. With download speeds of up to 800 megabits per second (Mbps), Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 is the fastest residential Internet service in North America. The service is available to customers looking for high-speed internet in Toronto who have access to Bell’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network.

As the world increasingly moves online for work, school and entertainment, cities need fast, reliable and affordable Internet to keep pace with the global competition. That’s why we’re committed to continuing our network investment so that even more Canadians can take advantage of Canada’s best fibre Internet experience.

What is Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0?

Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 offers download speeds of up to 8 Gbps, making it the fastest residential Internet speed in North America. It’s perfect for large families who want to connect multiple devices simultaneously or for small businesses working remotely. And with Bell’s unmatched Wi-Fi experience, you can upload and download files quickly and easily from anywhere in your home.

What are the benefits of Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0?

Not only is Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 the fastest residential Internet speed in North America, but it’s also one of the most affordable. For just $149.95 per month, you can get unlimited data usage, download speeds of up to 8 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps. And with no data overage fees, you never have to worry about going over your monthly data allotment.


If you’re looking for the fastest residential Internet speeds in North America, look no further than Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0! With download speeds of up to 8 Gbps and unlimited data usage, it’s perfect for large families or small businesses working remotely. And at just $149.95 per month, it’s one of the most affordable high-speed Internet options available today!

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