Top TV and Internet Bundles in Canada 2024

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Are you in search of unbeatable Internet + TV bundle deals? Look no further! We have simplified the process of finding exceptional TV and internet packages. We have compiled a list of leading Canadian providers and their highly recommended bundles, eliminating all the guesswork and making your search a breeze!

Best TV+Internet Bundles in Canada

Let’s provide a brief overview of Canada’s five finest TV bundles.

Best Telus TV + Internet Bundles

Telus, a prominent telecommunications company headquartered in Vancouver, is among Canada’s most significant. Their TV + internet bundles are based on Optik TV, which offers a comprehensive TV service that includes premium streaming and on-demand movies.

Optik TV

Telus presents a range of five TV options that can be bundled with internet services: Core channels, Core channels & more, All your favorites, Choices for everyone and Endless options for all.

  1. Core Channels: This option provides essential channels (Up to 36 HD channels) that cover a variety of genres to meet your basic entertainment needs.

  2. Core Channels & More: With this bundle, you not only get the core channels but also enjoy additional channels and content (Up to 36 HD channels + 1 Premium of your choice), expanding your viewing choices.

  3. All Your Favorites: Tailored for those who have specific preferred channels, this bundle allows you to curate your TV experience by selecting your favorite channels to include in the package. (Up to 36 HD channels + 1 Premium + 4 Theme packs of your choice)

  4. Choices for Everyone: Designed to cater to diverse preferences, this bundle offers a wide selection of channels, ensuring that everyone in the household can find something to enjoy. (Up to 36 HD channels + 1 Premium + 7 Theme packs of your choice)

  5. Endless Options for All: For those seeking the utmost variety and versatility, this bundle provides an extensive range of channels and content, offering endless entertainment options for all members of the household. (Up to 36 HD channels + 2 Premium + 11 Theme packs of your choice)

Premium options

Optik TV offers 16 premiums options

  • Pick 5 (HD)
  • Crave (HD)
  • Sportsnet World Pack (HD)
  • beIN Sports Pack (SD)
  • Ultimate Sports (SD)
  • South Asian Premium (SD)
  • Netflix (SD)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Odyssey 1 (SD)
  • WWE Network HD (HD)
  • The Filipino Channel (HD)
  • Abu Dhabi TV (SD)
  • All TV (SD)
  • RTVi (SD)
  • VGNtv (SD)
  • TV Japan HD (HD,SD)
9Expert Score

  • Live TV and On-Demand Entertainment Selections
  • Netflix Included for most of plans
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Free hardware rental
  • Two-year term agreement required for free hardware rental
  • $100 for Internet installation without a two-year term agreement

Best Bell TV + Internet Bundles

Bell Canada, the leading telecommunications provider in Canada, stands out for its exceptional TV bundles that offer great value. A special package worth mentioning is the 150 Fibe Internet and TV bundle, available for $110 monthly. This affordable pricing makes it attractive for customers looking to enjoy fast internet and a TV experience without breaking the bank.

Bell TV

Bell introduces a selection of four TV programming options that can be conveniently bundled with internet services:

  1. Starter: This package provides a solid foundation of TV programming with a diverse range of channels to suit your entertainment needs.

  2. Good: With the Good bundle, you can enjoy an upgraded TV experience with even more channels and content to explore.

  3. Better: The Better package takes your TV entertainment to the next level by offering an extensive collection of channels, including popular networks and a wider variety of content.

  4. Best: Designed for those seeking the ultimate TV experience, the Best bundle provides a comprehensive selection of channels, premium networks, and a multitude of content options, ensuring you never run out of exciting shows and movies to enjoy.

8.5Expert Score

  • Extensive Geographical Reach
  • Vast Array of TV Channel Choices
  • Free Giga Hub
  • Not the cheapest option
  • Fibe TV box is not free
  • May have installation fees without a 2-year term

Best Shaw TV + Internet Bundles

Shaw Internet is a trusted and popular choice for internet service in Canada, especially in Western regions. Known for its impressive speed and reliability, Shaw offers a range of plans to suit different requirements. With options like the high-speed Ignite Internet 1.5 GIG plans to deliver 1.5 Gbps download speeds and value-oriented plans like Ignite Internet 250, Shaw provides customers with exceptional performance and affordable pricing. Whether for streaming, gaming, or everyday browsing, Shaw Internet is a reliable choice that offers both speed and value.

Shaw TV

Shaw presents a streamlined selection of two TV options that can be easily bundled with internet services:

  1. Shaw Starter TV: Receive the latest updates on news, weather, and entertainment tailored to your preferences.

  2. Shaw Popular TV: Enjoy an extensive selection of sports, news, original programming, and beyond in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or keeping up with the latest seasons, access the most talked-about channels.

  3. Shaw Total TV: Discover an array of content tailored to your every mood with Total TV. Immerse yourself in our extensive On Demand library, boasting complete seasons and movies from the networks covered in your subscription, all available for streaming at your leisure.

9.1Expert Score

  • Exceptional Coverage
  • Installation fee was waived
  • Limited TV options can be bundled

Best Comwave TV + Internet Bundles

Comwave Internet is a trusted provider known for delivering reliable connectivity and value to its customers. Comwave’s Headquartered in Toronto, and its primary coverage is in Ontario and Quebec.

Comwave TV

Comwave offers a simplified selection of three TV options that seamlessly integrate with internet services::

  1. Millennial TV: This option caters to the preferences of the millennial generation, providing a curated selection of TV channels and content that resonate with their interests and lifestyle.

  2. Family & Kids TV: Designed with families in mind, this bundle offers a wide range of TV channels suitable for all age groups, including kid-friendly programming and family-oriented content.

  3. I Love TV: This option is perfect for TV enthusiasts who enjoy various channels and genres. With I Love TV, you can access a comprehensive entertainment lineup, including movies, series, documentaries, and more.

9.5Expert Score

  • Cheapest TV Bundle plan
  • No Installation Fee
  • No Contract
  • Buying a Comwave Internet Plan is Optional.
  • Amazon Firestick Required
  • Activation Fee of $95 for internet may apply

Best Rogers TV + Internet Bundles

Rogers presents a range of appealingly priced TV bundles tailored to suit a variety of needs, catering to everyone from busy families with limited home time to avid gamers and streamers.

Ignite TV

Rogers provides customers with a streamlined selection of five TV options that seamlessly integrate with internet services:

  1. Ignite Starter: Access fundamental channels, local news, as well as Canadian and US network stations with our comprehensive package. Enjoy up to 40 channels†, an array of 4K content, and take advantage of 200 hours of cloud storage (retained for up to 1 year). Elevate your viewing experience with the convenience of the Ignite Voice Remote.

  2. Ignite Popular TV: Enhance your entertainment experience with the Starter TV package, now featuring popular news, sports, kids, and movie channels. Enjoy up to 116 channels†, an expanded selection of 4K content, and benefit from 200 hours of cloud storage (retained for up to 1 year) for your convenience. Navigate seamlessly with the Ignite Voice Remote, adding a new level of control to your viewing pleasure.

  3. Ignite Total TV: Experience the full spectrum of Popular TV with the addition of premium sports channels, extra specialty, and lifestyle channels, including US Superstations. Enjoy a diverse selection of up to 158 channels†, along with the convenience of 200 hours of cloud storage (retained for up to 1 year) and the advanced functionality of the Ignite Voice Remote.

9.2Expert Score

  • 30-Day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free setup and installation for 2 years plan
  • Savings available when bundled with internet services.
  • No contract
  • Setup fee may apply for monthly plan
  • Limited internet speed options
  • Monthly fee for supplementary equipment when not bundled.

Best Virgin Plus TV + Internet Bundles

Bell Mobility owns Virgin Plus, and similar to Bell Mobility, Virgin Plus provides bundled TV and internet services. Virgin Plus offers internet plans starting at $60.00, with download speeds of up to 300 mbps and unlimited data.


Virgin Plus provides a core package featuring 58 channels spanning News,Entertainment,Lifestyle and Sports categories, inclusive of both English and French languages.

Virgin Plus also provides the option to enhance your viewing experience with an additional 14 add-on packages and 166 individual channels from À la carte for expanded content selection.

9Expert Score

  • Compatible with numerous devices.
  • Live and on-demand content
  • No contract
  • No discount for the monthly bundle plan
  • Only available in ON, QC

Best VMedia TV + Internet Bundles

VMedia provides the most competitive prices and extensive flexibility in TV packages. Customize your TV channel lineup by starting with our excellent “starter” TV packages and enhance it further by adding theme packs or individual channels. Pay only for what you want to watch and enjoy monthly savings. Consider bundling with VMedia cable, DSL, or FTTN internet to potentially receive additional savings and a free rental modem.

VMedia TV

VMedia presents three distinct TV packages, along with more than 35 theme packs. Choose from a selection of more then 300 channels, including foreign language options like Hindi, Punjabi, Mandarin, Greek, Croatian, Ukrainian, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and more. Opt for either complete packages or individual channels based on your preferences. Watch VMedia TV effortlessly using devices such as VMedia VBOX, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple, or ROKU. Additionally, enjoy features like recording your favorite shows, on-demand entertainment, a comprehensive TV Guide, and more.

  1. TheSkinny: Looking for the premier “starter” TV package in Canada? Opt for TheSkinny, featuring 31 channels from major Canadian and US networks and beyond. If that’s not sufficient, customize your TV lineup by adding theme packs or individual “à la carte” UChoose channels.
  2. Premium Flex: Vmedia’s flagship TV package, Premium Flex, renowned for its comprehensive channel lineup, has been elevated with the introduction of Premium Flex! Take your pick from four enticing variations: Premium Classic (70 channels), Premium Sports (69 channels), Premium Family (69 channels), or Premium Lifestyle (68 channels). Each pack caters to diverse audiences, whether it’s for family entertainment, lifestyle enthusiasts, basketball, football, or other sports aficionados, or even movie enthusiasts. Your perfect package is always within reach.
  3. Grand Premium: Indulge in the ultimate television experience with VMedia’s Grand Premium. Unleash the power of over 100 channels, featuring the top 80 most-watched channels in Canada, all at an unbelievably affordable rate. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of content, spanning sports, news, movies, family, and lifestyle channels. Seize the moment to elevate your TV enjoyment – treat yourself to the grandeur of our premium offering.
8.5Expert Score

  • Compatible with numerous devices.
  • Live and on-demand content
  • No contract
  • No discount for the monthly bundle plan
  • Limited availability not accessible in all areas

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