Latest Changes to Mobile Plans This Week

This week, major mobile providers made waves with plan updates. Virgin adjusted its offerings, Telus introduced a new plan, and Koodo entered the fray with competitive options, signaling a dynamic market shift.

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This week in the mobile telecommunications sphere has been marked by significant shifts in plan offerings from major providers. Virgin’s decision to downgrade its $50 per month 60GB plan to 4G data, alongside the introduction of a new $65 per month option with 75GB of 5G data, has stirred conversation among consumers. Meanwhile, Telus has entered the fray with its own $70 per month Essential 75 5G plan, boasting 75GB of data but facing competition from Koodo’s newly unveiled 75GB plan priced at a more appealing $65 per month.

These developments underscore a dynamic landscape where providers are vying to attract customers with competitive pricing and generous data allocations amidst the ongoing rollout of 5G technology.

Virgin has made adjustments to its plan lineup yet again, just days after its recent refresh.

This time, the $50 per month 60GB 5G plan has been replaced by a new $65 per month offering, boasting 75GB of data. However, the $50 plan hasn’t disappeared entirely; instead, Virgin has shifted it down to 4G data speeds. Under Virgin’s 4G plans, data speeds are capped at 150Mbps, whereas 5G plans can reach up to 250Mbps.

In addition to the speed discrepancy, Virgin’s 5G plan introduces an “unlimited” data feature. Rather than incurring overage fees, customers who exhaust their data allotment can still access data, albeit at a reduced speed of up to 256Kbps. Conversely, with the 4G plans, Virgin imposes charges for data overages at a rate of $20 per 1GB, up to 8GB, followed by $0.02 per MB thereafter (which effectively equates to approximately $20 per 1GB if an entire gigabyte is consumed).

Despite these data and pricing variations, the core features of the two plans remain largely consistent. Both include unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, along with unlimited international texting from within Canada. Notably, Virgin imposes a 480p video streaming quality limit across its network for these plans.

Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that Virgin’s other plan options, such as the $44 for 50GB and $34 for 20GB choices, remain unchanged amidst these adjustments.

Telus has expanded its range of mobile plans by introducing a new option featuring 75GB of data.

Named the ‘Essential 75 5G’ plan, it is priced at $70 per month. The plan offers non-shareable data at speeds of up to 250Mbps and includes unlimited talk and text across Canada.

However, it’s essential to highlight what this plan does not include. There is no provision for unlimited data, and data overages are applicable. Similar to other “essential plans” from Telus, this option does not qualify for the family discount and is exclusively available for new activations and renewals.

Telus updated its essential plan lineup as of April 15th, 2024.

It’s worth noting that Telus’ competitors are offering slightly cheaper alternatives with similar features.

Rogers’ 75GB plan is priced at $70 per month, but customers can benefit from a reduced rate of $65 per month with automatic payments. Unlike Telus, Rogers’ plan includes unlimited data at reduced speeds once the allotted 75GB is consumed.

Bell is presenting its 75GB plan at $65 per month for customers bringing their own device. For those purchasing a device from the provider, the price increases to $70 per month. Similar to Rogers, Bell’s options include unlimited data at slower speeds once the high-speed data limit is reached.

Telus’ latest addition follows its recent introduction of the $100 per month plan offering 150GB of data for Canada, U.S., and Mexico usage.

Koodo has introduced a 75GB plan at a price lower than that of its parent company, Telus.

Priced at $65 per month, Koodo’s plan provides access to its 5G network, offering data speeds of up to 250Mbps.

This offering from Koodo comes in $5 per month cheaper than Telus’s equivalent plan, which is priced at $70 per month. While both plans share similarities, such as the absence of unlimited data, neither provider’s offering compares favorably to similarly priced plans from Bell and Rogers, both of which do not charge for data overages.

Among Koodo’s other plan options is a $44 per month plan offering 50GB on its 4G network, with speeds of up to 100Mbps, mirroring a recent offering from Virgin Plus.

Additionally, Koodo offers a $34 per month option with 20GB, matching a plan from Fido.

Koodo continues to provide its $50 per month 60GB plan, with the recent adjustment reducing the monthly cost from $55 per month.

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