Exciting Updates to Public Mobile Plans: Enhanced Value and Expanded Coverage!

Explore enhanced Public Mobile plans with expanded coverage, now featuring Canada-U.S. calling, texting, and data in most 5G options. Enjoy increased data allowances at competitive rates. Act fast as these promotional plans won't last long!

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Telus-owned Public Mobile has made significant changes to its plans recently, offering improved deals and expanding coverage. One notable enhancement is the inclusion of Canada-U.S. calling, texting, and data usage in almost all of its 5G plans, representing a substantial value-add for customers.

Here are the key updates:

  • $34/month for 50GB 5G (previously 30GB)
  • $40/month for 75GB 5G (previously 50GB)
  • $50/month for 100GB 5G (previously 75GB)
  • $55/month for 100GB 5G (previously $65/60GB)
  • $29/month for 20GB 4G (unchanged)

These changes are effective as of February 26th, 2024.

Additionally, Public Mobile has removed the $39/month 30GB 4G option. However, considering the value offered by the current plans, it’s unlikely that many users will miss it. For reference, you can view some of Public’s previous deals [here](link to previous deals).

To explore all the updated plans, visit Public Mobile. It’s important to note that these plans are labelled as promotions, so it’s advisable to act swiftly before they’re discontinued.

Firstly, all Canada/US plans grant users the freedom to utilize their entire plan’s call, messaging, and data allowances in either Canada or the US without any additional charges. Whether you’re in Canada or the US, you can leverage your Public Mobile Unlimited Calling/Messaging/DataPlan just as you would in your home area, enabling you to make calls or send messages anywhere within Canada or the US. Moreover, when travelling within Canada or the US, there’s no need for roaming or long-distance packs with these plans.

Secondly, the US/Canada Plan facilitates VoLTE calling on US LTE/5G networks (note that 3G in the US has been phased out). It’s essential to reboot your phone when switching plans to allow Public Mobile to update your phone’s settings accordingly. VoLTE is enabled by default on Public Mobile, and the option to enable/disable it is removed from phone settings. Additionally, ensure Data Roaming is enabled in your phone settings, as Public Mobile, being a prepaid service, doesn’t offer roaming outside of Canada/US, meaning you won’t incur roaming fees even if you travel beyond these regions with this setting enabled.

Thirdly, the duration of the availability of these plans is uncertain, so I recommend switching to an available/offered plan before your renewal date. Keep an eye out for any new plans that may be introduced, as you can always select and switch to another plan if it becomes available before your renewal date.

Fourthly, once subscribed, there might be some ambiguity regarding data usage in Canada and the US, but based on the offer details provided in your account, it’s evident that all Canada-US Plans include Call/Messaging/Data usage within Canada or the US.

Finally, here are the current US/Canada promotions available:

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To change your subscription:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Subscriptions and Add-Ons.
  3. Click on the “Change Subscription” box and select from the available plans.
Remember, if you switch to a new plan immediately, you’ll forfeit the remaining validity of your current plan. However, if you select to change your plan upon renewal, the new plan will take effect on the day your plan renews.For those currently in the US utilizing these plans, feel free to share your experiences, including usage, speeds, findings, and any other relevant observations.
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