Virgin Plus Cell Phone Plans, Offers and Reviews

Virgin Canada is one of the most popular cell phone service providers in the country. And for good reason! They offer some of the best plans and features around. If you're looking for a new cell phone plan, Virgin Plus is definitely worth considering. Here's a rundown of some of the best Virgin Plus cell phone plans in Canada.

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Comprehensive Overview of Virgin Plus

Virgin Plus, formerly known as Virgin Mobile Canada and under the ownership of Bell Canada Enterprises since 2009, employs a unique approach to enhance the value for its members. Subscribers to Virgin Plus enjoy a range of benefits, including discounts on various products and services, exclusive travel deals, early access to tickets for events sponsored by Virgin, and exclusive giveaways.

Virgin Plus caters to both postpaid and prepaid service preferences. Postpaid plans are available at monthly rates ranging from $19 to $45 before add-ons and fees, while prepaid plans offer flexibility with costs ranging from $15 to $85 per month. Most plans encompass Unlimited incoming text, Voicemail, and Call Waiting. Notably, Virgin Plus extends 5G unlimited data, with the highest achievable speed capped at 250 Mbps.

For those in need of a phone, Virgin Plus provides an extensive selection featuring prominent brands such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and more, including Certified Pre Owned options. Additionally, Virgin Plus offers financial support, allowing customers to acquire a phone through 24 monthly payments at 0% APR. Alternatively, for users with their own devices, Virgin Plus’s network is compatible with a wide array of 5G and 4G devices.

Virgin Plus Mobile Reviews

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Virgin Plus Mobile Pros and Cons

Choosing Virgin Plus mobile plans is a wise decision due to their affordability and flexibility, offering budget-friendly options for both postpaid and prepaid plans tailored to individual needs. The unique Member Benefits program, recognized as Canada's #1 Telco rewards program, provides substantial savings across diverse categories, setting it apart in the market. With the option to Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP), users can leverage existing devices for familiarity and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, Virgin Plus goes beyond mobile services, offering comprehensive packages that include internet and TV. Combining mobile plans with internet services not only enhances convenience but also unlocks exclusive discounts, making Virgin Plus an even more compelling choice. The commitment to fast and extensive network coverage, exclusive contests, and the user-friendly My Benefits app solidify Virgin Plus as the go-to provider for those seeking a reliable and feature-rich mobile experience.

  • Rewards program available
  • Buy online, and willl waive the $60 connection fee
  • Contract-free plans offered
  • Bundle discount available
  • Some plans include unlimited international texting
  • Users frequently express dissatisfaction with Virgin Plus customer service, citing challenges in contacting competent and helpful representatives, unhelpful interactions, and difficulties in effectively resolving problems.
  • Some customers highlight service quality problems, noting instances of no service in their areas or issues with call reception and connectivity.

Explore Virgin Plus Mobile Plans

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Explore Virgin Plus PrePaid Mobile Plans

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5G Unlimited Plan

Virgin Plus exclusively offers the 5G Unlimited Plan, providing a substantial amount of high-speed data, reaching up to 250 Mbps. This plan enables seamless streaming, supporting SD video quality. It also includes hotspot capabilities and allows for unlimited international texting from Canada. Pricing varies based on the province of residence.

Fixed Data Plans

The fixed data plans from Virgin Plus offer unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, with options for pay-per-use data, a 250MB data plan, and various larger data plans. Apart from the pay-per-use data and 250MB data plan, the other plans include unlimited international texting from Canada, hotspot capabilities, and support for SD video streaming. The majority of these plans are compatible with the 4G LTE network, providing speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

What's the Network Coverage and Speed?

Virgin Plus customers use Bell Mobility’s LTE, HSPA+, and CDMA networks. Bell’s network covers over 99% of the population, providing access to the largest 4G network in Canada. As of June 2020, Bell has launched 5G, the next-generation wireless technology, and is actively expanding its coverage in select areas across Canada. For Virgin Plus customers, download speeds are capped at 250Mbps for 5G and 150Mbps for 4G. These speeds indicate that Virgin Plus users can experience high-speed connectivity, especially with the implementation of 5G technology in supported areas. However, the actual experience may vary depending on your specific location and network conditions.

Do They Impose Roaming Charges?

For seamless connectivity while traveling, Virgin Plus offers “Roam Sweet Roam.” Activate it once, and it automatically turns on when roaming in designated destinations. With the “Home Data” feature, you can use your plan’s data while traveling. In the U.S., enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data from your plan for $13/day, and internationally for $16/day. Data speeds are up to 5 GB per day, and afterward, it adjusts to 512 Kbps. Pay-per-use rates apply for voice and text in the U.S. and various international zones if a travel add-on is not purchased. Note that roaming coverage in Russia is severely limited due to Government of Canada sanctions.

Roaming Options:

  1. Roam Sweet Roam Activation: Activated once for worry-free talk, text, and posting in designated destinations.
  2. Home Data: Use your plan’s data while traveling. Text “ROAMHOME” to 6800.

U.S. Roaming:

  • $13/day: Unlimited Talk & Text + use plan data. Speeds up to 5 GB per day, then adjust to 512 Kbps.

International Roaming:

  • $16/day: Unlimited Talk & Text + use plan data. Speeds up to 5 GB per day, then adjust to 512 Kbps.

Pay Per Use Rates (If no travel add-on is purchased):

  • U.S. Voice: $1.99/min
  • U.S. Text: ¢99/text
  • International Zones 1-5 (Cuba) Voice: $2.50-$4.00/min
  • International Zones 1-5 (Cuba) Text: ¢99/text

Please note: Prices and conditions are subject to change, and it’s advisable to check with Virgin Plus for the latest information.

How Are Long Distance Charges Handled?

Virgin Plus offers International Calling add-ons for various destinations:

  1. International Long Distance Saver:

    • Rates starting at 5¢/min to over 200 countries worldwide.
    • Valid for calls made from Canada to an international destination.
    • Monthly cost: $5.
  2. Unlimited Long Distance Minutes to China & Hong Kong:

    • Unlimited minutes for calls made from Canada.
    • Monthly cost: $15.
  3. Unlimited Canada to US Long Distance Minutes:

    • Unlimited minutes for calls made from Canada. Roaming charges apply for calls from the US.
    • Monthly cost: $15.
  4. 1000 Long Distance Minutes to India:

    • 1000 minutes for calls made from Canada. Additional minutes charged at 95¢/min.
    • Monthly cost: $20.

These add-ons provide cost-effective options for international calling based on specific regions, offering flexibility and tailored solutions for diverse calling needs.

Is Data Rollover Available with Virgin Plus?

Virgin Plus did not offer a data rollover feature

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