Public Mobile removes all 3G Plans

Public Mobile, owned by Telus, discontinues 3G plans, aligning with 4G and 5G options. This echoes Lucky Mobile's recent move. Changes include price reductions and plan restructuring. Chatr still offers 3G plans, yet lacks 5G options.

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Public Mobile, owned by Telus, has decided to discontinue its 3G plans and align its offerings solely with 4G and 5G plans. As reported last week, Lucky Mobile, owned by Bell, took a similar action.

4G Plans

  • $15 for Canada talk and international text
  • $21 for 3GB of data ($19 on a 90-day subscription)
  • $29 for 20GB of data ($25 on a 90-day subscription)

Additional data can be added at $5 for 200MB and $15 for 1GB.

Furthermore, Public Mobile has introduced 90-day subscription options for the 3GB and 20GB plans, providing a $2 and $4 per 30-day discount respectively.

The 3G starter plan at $25 for 1GB has been discontinued, and the $15 starter plan has seen a reduction, now excluding 250MB of data. Individuals seeking data with the $15 plan will need to opt for an additional purchase or, alternatively, consider Lucky Mobile’s $15 plan, which still includes 250MB of data.

Chatr’s Offerings

At the time of writing, Chatr, owned by Rogers, continues to offer 3G plans on its website alongside 4G plans. However, Chatr has yet to introduce 5G plans, similar to Fido.

5G Plans by Public Mobile

  • $34 for 50GB
  • $40 for 75GB
  • $50 for 100GB

Public Mobile has also removed the 90-day subscription requirement for the 100GB plan, now offering it at $50 without the need for a subscription. Previously, the standard price was $55 per month.

Given that Telus and Bell primarily share wireless towers, the discontinuation of legacy 3G plans by both companies comes as no surprise.

Changes in Public Mobile’s Plans

Public Mobile, under Telus ownership, has revamped its plan structure and phased out its 3G options, echoing the actions of Bell’s Lucky Mobile.

Specifically, Public Mobile has reduced the price of its 100GB 5G plan from $55 to $50 per month. Previously, this plan was available for $50 on a 90-day subscription, which Public has now discontinued, opting for a standard monthly subscription at the same price.

Another significant change is the elimination of Public’s $26 per month 4GB 4G plan and the $25 per month 1GB 3G plan. Instead, customers can now subscribe to Public’s $29 per month 20GB 4G plan for $25 on a 90-day subscription.

Furthermore, the $21 per month 3GB 4G plan ($19 per month on a 90-day subscription) remains available, while Public’s basic talk and text plan at $15 per month no longer includes the previously offered 250MB data.

iPhone in Canada reported the removal of Public’s 3G plans and highlighted the downgrade in the provider’s $15 per month plan. However, Lucky’s $15 plan continues to include 250MB of data.

While Rogers’ Chatr still provides 3G plans, it notably lacks 5G offerings.

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