Koodo Mobile vs Public Mobile

Discover the differences between Koodo and Public Mobile, both part of Telus in Canada. From diverse cellular plans to network coverage, explore their offerings and advantages in telecommunications.

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Koodo and Public Mobile, both part of Telus, cater to different demographics and operate in distinct territories. Despite being related, their offerings vary significantly. Let’s explore the differences between these two telecommunications providers.


Originally conceived to fill a gap in the market, Koodo emerged in 2007 after Telus’s partnership with Amp’d Mobile fell through. Since then, Koodo has evolved to target a younger demographic seeking contract-free packages, post-paid plans, and residential telephony. Over the years, it has expanded its services and upgraded its network technologies to keep pace with consumer demands.

Public Mobile

Founded in 2010 by Alek Krstajic, Public Mobile initially operated independently, focusing on bringing affordable plans to low-income earners. It emphasized community involvement, rewarding users for participating in its online forums and sharing promotional codes. Despite its acquisition by Telus in 2013, Public Mobile retained its commitment to budget-friendly options and customer engagement.

Call Quality

Both Koodo and Public Mobile leverage Telus’s robust network infrastructure, ensuring consistent call quality comparable to that of Telus customers.


While Koodo integrated seamlessly with Telus’s infrastructure, Public Mobile, as an independent entity, transitioned gradually to Telus’s network following its acquisition. Today, both providers benefit from Telus’s cutting-edge technologies, optimizing operational efficiency.

Cellular Plans

Koodo and Public Mobile offer diverse cellular plans tailored to different needs. While Koodo provides more data options and rollover features, Public Mobile stands out with its competitive pricing and community-driven initiatives, allowing subscribers to reduce costs through active participation.

Network Coverage

As subsidiaries of Telus, both Koodo and Public Mobile enjoy extensive network coverage, spanning 99% of the Canadian population. However, coverage maps should be consulted for specific regional availability.

Advantages and Disadvantages

KoodoNo activation fee, diverse package options, data rolloverChallenges with customer service, slightly higher pricing
Public MobileReward system, competitive pricing, no credit checksOnline-only support, limited international usability

Reputation and Differences

Koodo, with its vibrant branding and retail presence, appeals to a broader audience and offers more flexibility in plan customization. On the other hand, Public Mobile’s innovative reward system and affordability resonate well with its target demographic, despite some criticisms of its customer service.


  • Who owns Public Mobile? – Public Mobile became a Telus subsidiary in 2013.
  • How do I reach Public Mobile? – Contact via email or through the SiMon chatbot.
  • How do I pay for Public Mobile? – Payments can be made online through your bank.
  • How do I reach Koodo by phone? – Dial 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636).
  • How do I access my Koodo account? – Log in online and navigate to the payment section.
  • Who owns Koodo? – Koodo has been a Telus subsidiary since its inception in 2008.

In the competitive landscape of Canadian mobile providers, Koodo Mobile and Public Mobile stand out as two popular choices. Both offer a range of plans and services, and customers often find themselves comparing the two to determine which best suits their needs.

Koodo Mobile

Koodo Mobile, a subsidiary of Telus, has been a prominent player in the Canadian market since its launch in 2008. Known for its straightforward plans and excellent customer service, Koodo offers both prepaid and postpaid options.

One of Koodo’s standout features is its Tab system, which allows customers to finance the purchase of a new device over a set period without locking them into a contract. Koodo also provides perks like shock-free data, where data usage is paused once the plan’s limit is reached to prevent overage charges.

Pros of Koodo Mobile:

  • Flexible plans with no long-term contracts
  • Transparent pricing
  • Strong network coverage (utilizing Telus’ infrastructure)
  • Option to finance devices with the Tab system

Public Mobile

Public Mobile, owned by Telus as well, operates as a discount brand focusing on prepaid services. Launched in 2010, Public Mobile targets budget-conscious consumers with simplified plans and online-only customer support.

Public Mobile is known for its self-serve approach, allowing customers to manage their accounts entirely online through the company’s website or mobile app. By forgoing physical stores and call centers, Public Mobile minimizes overhead costs, passing savings onto customers through lower plan prices.

Pros of Public Mobile:

  • Affordable plans with discounts for automatic payments
  • No contracts
  • Simplified online account management
  • Access to Telus’ extensive network


When deciding between Koodo Mobile and Public Mobile, it ultimately comes down to individual preferences and budget constraints. Koodo offers a balance of flexibility and reliability, while Public Mobile appeals to those seeking affordability and simplicity in their mobile service.

By comparing the features, pricing, and network coverage of both providers, consumers can make an informed decision based on their specific needs and priorities.

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