eSIM or iSIM: What are the differences?

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The SIM card has become a tiny nano SIM from its bulky beginnings, but more is needed. The latest buzz is about eSIM and iSIM, much to phone manufacturers’ delight! So what makes these cute cards so unique? Why are operators trying (so hard!) to ensure they’re part of our lives? Let’s find out

What is iSIM?

In 2024, Apple may introduce a new high-end iPhone with iSIM. What is iSIM? An iSIM, also known as Integrated SIM. It is the next evolution in cellular communication! With the advent of a new system-on-chip (SoC), SIM cards are no longer contained in separate chips – they now live side by side with application processors and cellular radios, ushering us into an era of advanced connectivity.

What is eSIM?

An eSIM, also known as Embedded SIM. It is a small separate physical chip embedded in the phoneu2019s motherboard.

What is the size of iSIM and eSIM?

As phones strive to provide bigger batteries and more excellent waterproofing, designers have been working for years to reduce weight and eliminate unnecessary ports. Every inch of space counts in a phone – every little bit matters!


By leveraging iSIM technology, device makers and processor designers create system-on-a-chip (SOC) architectures that add SIM functionality directly to an embedded onboard processor. Thanks to this pioneering innovation from Apple, the slim size of devices is no longer compromised by bulky mobile subscription modules or additional processing power needs!

(It integrates SIM functionality with an existing onboard processor )
eSIM6u00d75 millimeters
Nano SIM12.3u00d78.8 millimeters
Micro SIM15u00d712 millimeters
Mini SIM25u00d715 millimeters

iSIM are more secure than eSIMs.

iSIMs are intrinsically more insulated from digital vulnerabilities than their eSIM counterparts. It is integrated into the SoC (System on Chip ), and these virtual SIM cards can be tailored to any level of security manufacturer desire for ultimate protection against undesired access. The international Trust Connectivity Alliance pursues harmonizing standards through Tamper-resistant Elements (TRE) and thereby provides guarantees that data secured via an iSIM is safe from hackers’ prying eyes!

iSIM needs low power requirements.

With the introduction of iSIMs, users no longer need an extra microprocessor to activate their devices. Instead, these tiny pieces of technology draw energy directly from System on a Chip (SoC), consuming minimal power that won’t affect SoC’s performance. The faster the chip speeds are though, the better response time you’ll get with your cellular connection!

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